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  • Dacha - Disappointed by Amazon, PS4 is amazing

    The reason for this review is the poor packaging job Amazon did with my PS4. I have been a Amazon Prime member for over 5 years and spend thousands of dollars on Amazon each year and the way the PS4 was shipped was by far the worst.

  • Beth M - Good, but not quite what I expected

    Though I thought the story was interesting, it turned out to be more of a romance than expected and was very light on forensics , I bought it thinking it would be a dental version of a Kathy Reichs/Patricia Cornwall - like novel, but it wasn't quite up to that level of storytelling. She did a good job in the romance/mystery genre.

  • Jeremy Jason G.R. - Works well for as long as I have it installed.

    my pc works has always worked well as long as norton is installed. once it is past the expiry date, which happened to me twice before and ive had to reinstall windows, had some really really malicious hard to remove stuff attach to my hdd.

  • Justana Merican - Wow!!!!!

    I don't think I could've even comprehended these concepts a few years ago when I was still asleep and under the hypmotizing hum of the idiot box and would've labeled Mr. King bat sh*t crazy!!!! All I can say is that it sure did take an awful LOT of time and effort to put together such a well-researched and well-documented awesome piece of work!!!! Can hardly wait to read volume II!!!!!! My hats off to you Mr. King!!!