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Aneros - Aneros prostate stimulator provides intense male g-spot prostate stimulation. Self driven anal sphincter driven. Prostate massage orgasm. Patented.

  • https://www.aneros.com/learning-center Learning center - Home - Welcome to the world of Aneros, where we make products that are expanding the horizons of human sexuality. Here at the Learning Center, learn about our innovative design methodology, how our products work, detailed instructions, and much more.
  • https://www.aneros.com/patent Patents - Aneros makes the only medically patented prostate massagers available in the world. Our many patents shows the extensive research and development it took to make our amazing products.

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  • Richard - Life Changing!

    For those of you who struggle with knowing the benefits of meditation and calming the mind, this might just be the book for you. This book explains the science of humanity. For me meditation, calm, always stirred the need to quiet the mind and thoughts. When I couldn't I pictured myself in a monastery getting hit with a stick by some monk. But this book made me understand that trying to do something versus nothing was really the problem. What a great book for achieving peace and universal love. Doing nothing really has an amazing effect, who would have known. A must read for those on the journey to peace and a fulfilling life. Thanks for a great read and a book you will keep as your life manual.

  • C. Murray - Not as good as the Competition

    I've had one of these in a different brand before, I only bought a new one because I was too lazy to find replacement blades for my old one. I should have, because this new one, even with all the bells and whistles, doesn't work. Even when placed directly along my skin at different angles, it has a hard time cutting through even the thinnest, softest hair. Plus, the vibrating motion it uses to cut hairs actually hurts my skin. My old one was much gentler and much more effective. And this one is very loud!

  • Cynthia Key - Great Buy

    I got this reel and I really enjoyed using it. It works great. Smooth performance and easy to control. No hesitation in the gears when the fight is on.


    This is the worst software product I have every used! I tried it 3 times. Once for invitations, twice for labels. Each time I spent over 2 hours trying to get it to print correctly. Very poor graphics and artwork available too. Not user friendly. With the labels, it shows the label filled to the end of the page but will only print one. I give up. My 12 year old American Greetings works perfectly! It's just outdated and won't load on my new computer. I can't believe a name brand like Hallmark is putting out such a poor product. Microsoft Word does a better job at invitations and labels. Don't waste your time.

  • Penney Snyder - Beware!

    I ordered 2 seresto collars. 1 for my Cat and 1 for my Dog. My Cats collar came 2 days before my Dogs collar. I immediately put the collar on her and that night she slept with me and my Dog in the same bed which I have recently read that you should not let the animal sleep in your bed with a Seresto collar. Anyways, the next day at approximately 8 in the morning, my Dog had a seizure. She has never had a seizure in her life! I called the Vet and they said that she must have had a toxic reaction to something. I immediately took the collar off of my Cat. My Dog has been fine ever since and there hasn't been a seizure since. I do not recommend this collar!

  • Amazon Customer - Good, sturdy product but no need to lock

    Racks fit great but rubber top covers make locks useless. Pull rubber back to remove connecting hardware. A sliding metal cover that requires removal of locking end caps access connecting hardware would be more secure. Great product if you're not overly concerned with security.