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  • Brandy Stansbury - Decent detox stytem

    Well I'm a little torn on this product... I LOVE the morning blend! It gives me a better energy boost than 2 cups of coffee. It tastes refreshing and works fast. With that said I didn't love the nighttime blend. It tasted awful and didn't work for me. Even when I increased the steeping time to 10 minutes I did not get the desired detoxing effect I was expecting the next morning. With that said I would buy this again just for that morning blend and hope that it is sold by itself in the future. I received a discount for this product but my review is %100 my own.

  • Mike - Much better than Wii Fit

    I've had the Wii Fit for a number of years, but using that board is clunky and a pain in the keister. A friend recommended "Your Fitness Evolved" and the Kinect, so I did. After reading all the positive reviews, I went ahead and purchased the Xbox and YFE 2012, and I'm quite pleased with it. No more board to stand on. The only downside it that it doesn't track your weight, but it's a lot better in every other regard.

  • cleejazzd - I love it!

    It really does the job! I am a woman with thinning hair. I use the medium brown and it stays in until I shampoo my hair. It doesn't rub off on my pillows and the .87 oz can last a surprisingly long time. I highly recommend this product, it's so much better than the other things that I tried. The Joan Rivers product was the worst. It rubbed off on my pillows and the headrest in my car.

  • AmazonLover - Effective Sleep Aid - I Sleep More Deeply & Do Not Feel Groggy in the Morning

    This stuff works really well for me. The suggested dosage is 2 capsules. I found the capsules to be of moderate size and easy to swallow. I did not experience any gas or other stomach issues due to taking this sleep aid. I would take 2 capsules with a glass of water about 45 minutes to 1 hour before going to bed. I've been trying to stop losing the endless battle of restless nights laying there wide awake and staring at the clock past midnight, trying to count sheep, and adjusting my pillow for the millionth time. This supplement works better than melatonin alone for me -- I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning feeling well rested. I definitely regained the kind of sleep I had when I was younger, not waking up constantly, and therefore waking up in the morning with increased energy level, mood, alertness, and focus. It's been a wonderful experience using this stuff. I just hope it lasts.

  • Joey W. - get to the point please

    a little wordy and repetitive. Book could have been half the size but it had good info that I'm trying out. May update if I see results