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Asbestoswise - Information, support, advocacy, education and awareness for asbestos related disease (ARD) - Asbestoswise provides information, support, advocacy, education and awareness to the community with a focus on people with an asbestos related disease (ARD). Asbestoswise has an active volunteer committee of management and dedicated staff. Many of our volunteers have been touched by an ARD.

  • http://www.asbestoswise.com.au/newsletter-archive/ Asbestoswise newsletter archive - Asbestos wise newsletter archive - Monday Snippets - News, events and information on Asbestos and mesothelioma
  • http://www.asbestoswise.com.au/information-and-resources/is-it-asbestos/ Identifying and testing for Asbestos - Not sure if the item contains asbestos? Information on companies who test for asbestos.
  • http://www.asbestoswise.com.au/information-and-resources/how-to-remove-asbestos/ How to remove asbestos - Read information on removalists, DIY removal and also licensing of asbestos removalist contractors

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  • T. Hudson - Ponzi Scheme

    This is the worst product ever! I bought it so I could edit TiVo recordings before burning them to DVD and it crashes each and every time I try to edit commercials out of the video. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. The whole point of wasting $23 on this crap was to edit the videos. What a waste of money. I think they know it's worthless and are just trying to make as much money as they can making suckers out of the buying public.

  • valerie villarreal - I'm so glad I came across this

    I bought this shortly after removing some fake lashes my friend convinced me to get. I was mortified when the lashes fell out and my real lashes fell out with them! I lost so many lashes or had short stubby ones left. I can tell a huge difference since using this product. It helped my lashes grow back in quickly and fuller. I'm so glad I came across this. I would highly recommend this serum.