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Aspanri & Aspanridown - Asociación Andaluza de Padres y Madres para la Integración, Normalización y Promoción de las Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual y Síndrome de Down

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  • W. M. Resnik - Andy Crowe and his team helped my Rock the PMP exam!

    I took a PMP class offered by the local PMI chapter and it was this book that was used to teach the class. The instructors (PMI PMP-volunteers) were able to use the materials to great effect. The instructors had a nice package with slides that tracked the materials in the Crowe PMP Exam Prep kit perfectly. I used everything but the flash cards. Not that there is anything wrong with the flash cards, they were just not useful to me as a learning tool. Many will find them great, I'm sure.

  • Cory Johnson - Great for my 47" TV and now my 65" TV.

    I bought this two years ago for my LG 47" TV and it has worked great. We recently decided to upgrade to a Sony 4K 65" TV and I was uncertain if this thing would be able to hold it. I wasn't concerned with the weight because the TV only weighs 50 lbs but I still had concerns because the description only says up to 55" TVs. So, I did what anybody in my situation would do: I sat my 6 year old boy (who weighs 50 lbs) on the outstretched arm of the mount. Lest anyone think I am a terrible parent, I was standing there with my hands under his arms in case the thing gave out. To my delight, the thing didn't even budge, so I decided I would take the gamble. My new 65" TV is holding up great thanks to this beauty. Highly recommended.

  • Scali - Awesome little camera

    The camcorder is lightweight and easy to use. This camcorder will fit into even the smallest of bag, So it is easy to carry around will out and about or travelling. Night mode works great on this camcorder. This camcorder would be great as a first camcorder for an adult or even a child. I would highly recommend it

  • Hugh W. - Initial impressions of Office 2013

    I have used Office 365 AKA Office 2013 for a few months on another machine. There are a lot of new features above Office 2010 that have benefits to the user. However, as with most MS products of late it requires the user to spend a lot of time exploring each feature and deciding if there is a real benefit to the user. Most of those who use the product in a business setting need ease of initial set up and launching of the product and interface with older MS versions as quickly as possible. The installation on a new Windows 8.1 desktop machine went smoothly. However, if you already installed Office 2010 or earlier versions of office and installed Office 2013 without uninstalling 2010 it can cause problems especially if you use iCloud devices. I was my experience under these conditions Office 2013 becomes unstable and requires a reinstallation. For me it took several reinstallations before it settled down.

  • Lawrence Chettiar - Not enough information, only has tests

    Not enough information, just list of topics for exam, the same information is available on the

  • Anita - Absolutely wonderful.

    Like three pieces of gently warmed bronze, these three boys just glow. They don't have to prove anything to anyone. Their music speaks for itself. Okay, yeah, maybe the voices are a little thin and harmonies not always there, but to me, that doesn't mar the performance at all. They are outspoken, playful, yet with deep purpose. A must for the long-time fan as well as the newbie.

  • Donnavelle P. - Its fun to have a time for ourselves where we can ...

    My husband and I workout every night. Its fun to have a time for ourselves where we can do this together and have fun.