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  • Sarah Lopez - Talk about frustration!!!

    Okay, first off, my husband and I have used this H&R Block's Home software previous years so we aren't Newbies to their program- we know how to use it. But for some unknown reason to us, upon completion of filing our return it would not allow us to submit our e-file!! We attempted to e-file it multiple times before the April 15th deadline with no success!

  • Paco - Amazing Board

    If you want to play with just about any and everything in BIOS you can tweak till your hearts content with this thing. It can be a bit overwhelming, but if you're into that sort of thing... this board has it all

  • Mae L. Lanclos - I wasn't impressed

    I had pretty bad acne in high school, so I was really excited to try the new Proactive skin solution with only 5% of people not getting results. Well, I guess I made it to that 5%. I found it did not help me AT ALL. My skin didn't clear up, and I made sure to follow the directions exactly. In fact, my dermatologist doesn't recommend it at all. I became much better off using prescripton-strength creams that my doctor recommended.

  • Peggy F. Moseley - Ummm, boring and tedious

    Can't be used by a CPA or a tax preparer from any national agency. Just a lot of stuff...easier to read the IRS manual. I know, I know! But, at least, they have a toll free number.

  • Vikki Paulus - It's a good one

    I am not intimidated by the pearl mask as I am with the snail or bird's nest. I guess the other masks are a leetle too "natural" for me. I don't want an animal's goo all over my face, sorry. The pearl one is perfect though. It's natural enough so I don't feel like it's synthetic at the same time, it is not so organic that I feel like I am one with the animals. (nothing against them)

  • Susan Katz - 2d product for a 3d world

    WARNING - This is a 2D product. However, it is fully compatible with AutoCAD. For many, this is will be fine. For me, I live and think in a 3D world, and I found it difficult to make the switch from the 3D program available at my college. I am still relatively novice with AutoCad but found the interface to be pretty user friendly, even with a dated look & feel (GUI).