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  • Heather Cox - A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale ...

    A little heavier than I would like. But I really like the digital percentage scale and also I can charge my phone multiple times on a 100% charge.

  • Brisa - Amazing and Helpful!

    A friend recommended that I try Calm. She said that it helped get her day off to the right start as well as keep her regular. I don't take it in the morning, but rather at night and Calm really works. It had multiple benefits for me. The first and most noticeable is that it will help keep you regular and your movement loose (previously my movements could be irregular and not loose). I didn't experience any problems, but my friend mentioned shed took too much at first and had to run to the bathroom as a result! The second is that it allows me to stay asleep. I am a notoriously light sleeper so this is very welcome. I typically take a 1/8 to 1/4 of a melatonin 5mg pill in conjunction with Calm and I have no problem getting tired and then staying asleep. The third benefits to me, though slightly less noticeable, is that I'm less anxious when using Calm. It's nothing incredibly differnt from my normal day to day self, but it's enough for me to realize I don't spend as much time fretting over issues.

  • Anastasia Constantine - Miss this kind of music!

    Awesome lyrics and music - was just reminded of this song at the ending of a favorite program - must have

  • A.J. - My favorite mouse pad on the market

    I've purchased 2 of these simply because they are perfect in every way. I use one of them for travel and one for my home. My laptop is 17" so I place this on the keyboard and close the lid to allow for some kind of shock absorb while traveling. Additionally, it's extremely thin so you barely feel it while using your mouse which is extremely important for the majority of games on the market. For the price and quality, I'd recommend EVERYONE buy this.

  • Mrs.58 - Best Glue Ever!

    The arm on my prescription glasses suddenly popped off. The glasses were expensive and I wasn't about to order a new pair. After trying a familiar glue used by kids which didn't work, I ordered Gorilla glue. It took overnight to lock the arm back in place, but it remains solid and in place. Great product.

  • Andrew Bickford - Amazing Monitor | Great Price

    This monitor is amazing. Pure & Simple. I use it flipped vertically for Outlook and love it. Can't find a monitor with these specs and this quality for this price, period. I purchased at my local best buy and had them price match Amazon.