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  • David Gertler - Solid piece of equipment, does the job well

    We got our F80 five months ago after researching a variety of other makes and models. We've put about 350 miles on it so far - mainly me, running at 7 to 9 minutes per mile for 30 to 90 minutes. I've been pleased with it, and especially compared to some higher-priced ones I considered, it seems like good value for the money. If possible, I'd give it four-and-a-half stars, but five isn't that much of a stretch.

  • David Dale - Only good half of the time

    I was disappointed that this banana slicer only comes in one model. It works like a charm for bananas that bend to the right, but it utterly useless for left-bending bananas. I end up having to eat my left curved bananas un-sliced like some kind of animal.

  • Eric Polgar - I didn't get the 5 promotional soccer balls that were supposedly included in the package

    I don't know what happened, I actually thought that if I get the 5 balls, that would somehow offset the price of the game. I like the game but common, 56 and some dollars for this game?, Amazon, where are the balls promised in the digital coupon?, was it one of those offers that stated that you could run out of balls?, what the hell, anyway.

  • Amazon Customer - Those sales people are so ANNOYING. They won't let you go before you purchase

    You can buy it with 20 bucks if you want. Those sales people are so ANNOYING. They won't let you go before you purchase, and they will keep lower their price. Moreover, this thing is some kind of glue, not dirty things from your pore, do be fooled by it.

  • Cassandra Lovelace - Gave me a stomach ache but might work better for others.

    Doesnt make me feel jittery but does make me feel weird like I feel hungrier than I was before taking the pills but they do make me feel fuller faster too so it was just weird.. I took these for about a week and got a stomach ache a few times so I stopped taking them because I guess they just didnt agree with my system, no clue why but they just arent for me, I did recieve these at a promotional discount though in exchange for my review and I wish they had worked for me and they might have if I had tried them longer but I hope they work for whoever else gives them a try! :)

  • KrissyNic - Pro-StayAway if you sane

    Once upon a time Proactiv was this outstanding company offering $30 for clear skin..... Yeah effing right. Same company same crooks. I should have known. I however got tipsy one night off the boxed wine and saw the ad on TV and boom I'm sucked back in. Sign up & cancel. Easy right? About as easy as trying to portray Martha Stewart as sexy. So I call, 4 calls now in a month I've made. This foreign person that speaks terrible English tells me his name is Brian. Yeah, and I'm a white blonde girl with the name RaSheed. Screw these folks. They work a miserable job and swindle people out of their money. So in conclusion, I actually love the products, a little too drying so I use only at night when my face is all greasy with makeup. Then in the AM a cream cleanser. And voila.

  • Margaret Belanger - 30X is great

    I bought a 30X about a year ago and loved it, however it broke. The wire is so thin that I am surprised it lasted as long as it did. I use it when I watch TV. I have mild hearing loss in one ear and it lets me watch TV with the volume down real low.