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  • Vander - Just What I Needed

    Microsoft Publisher 2010 was just what I needed in order to print certificates and redo my resume. I'm really glad I made this choice.

  • James - Reaaaaaally comfortable!

    The first thing I noticed after I got it was how ridiculously comfortable it is. I feel no discomfort on my wrists and the memory foam is of great quality. The mat is very durable and feels cozy. I plan on buying another one for my desk at work.

  • Rob Ling - Great Quality - PS+ is a Must Have

    The PS4 is great. I am not going to go on about the console itself, there are plenty of other people who have done that. It is a good value, and as the games start coming out hot and heavy, look for it to truely shine as a console. PS+ Membership is a MUST. The games Sony gives on a monthly basis make it a no-brainer.