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  • Brandi Belicek - Good quality meat but tasted and smelled strongly of apple cider vinegar

    This is obviously a good quality product. The meat is a very good texture and isn't hard or stringy even after refrigeration. The problem is that I didn't care for the marinade. All I could taste and smell was the apple cider vinegar, which I am not a fan of. In another flavoring, perhaps pepper or cajun spice, it would rate much more favorably. I don't really follow diet trends, so I don't know if its this flavor for a reason, if so ignore my criticism.

  • JJsmom - A great looking shoe! Lightweight! A bit snug!

    Purchased as a present for my husband. I ordered a 1/2 size up, after reading reviews that they run a bit snug. Well, I shouldda went up a full size. They are more snug than he would like, but he's trying to be nice & not have me send back a gift! He likes the look & feel! Very lightweight! Good shoe! The "Birthday boy" & his own words!;-)

  • Angel - Great Expansion!

    I'm a fan of the original Immortal Ops books, but they were short and seemed to skip a lot. Mandy Roth is re-releasing them in their original length, which I feel really adds to each book so far. Missy is one of my favorite characters. I loved her spunk and her sassy attitude. Roiling is one of those characters you kinda want to pat on the head and smack ay the same time. Their chemistry is hilarious and frustrating at times. I will say, there are times that the dialog made me roll my eyes, but it didn't really take much away from the book. All in all, I'm glad I purchased this new version of Critical Intelligence.

  • John Irey - Good learning Program with a few shortcomings

    Great way to learn guitar, but it is more game than lesson. The lessons move you too quickly into advanced techniques. I would recommend Rock Prodigy for lessons and this for playing practice. There tons of songs from simple to complex that will help you improve your skills.

  • Gina Marcucci - You may need this and not even know it!

    Thought provoking and challenging guide to better health addressing digestive issues in a well laid out manner. I immediately got a copy for my daughter since I recognized symptoms in both of us from a Ms. Gates lecture. I could not wait to get her book and it did not disappoint.