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  • W. Sprinkle - Wonderful cordless and easy to use

    I bought this vacuum and it works like a charm. No more cords to fall over or have to keep plugging and unplugging. Really does an excellent job on my wood floors and gets all the dust and lint vacummed. Also works good on carpets.

  • Michele - Very Much in Love

    This is my first Chromebook, I've had it for 4 days and I absolutely love it. I needed something inexpensive I could get online with and do my schoolwork on. I spent several days comparing prices, hardware, features and reviews between Chromebooks and laptops. After reading other reviews here I ended up purchasing this Chromebook with the celeron processor. I LOVE it. It fits my needs perfectly. Typing on it is very nice and smooth, the track pad works well, I like that light taps are all it needs and I can adjust the sensitivity if I want to. I can also either click the track pad and drag or tap and drag. The display is beautiful and one of the main reasons I choose this Chromebook. And luckily I can adjust the text size or the zoom on the webpages for those pages with a lot of text to make them easier to read. It is very fast, turns on instantly, loads webpages just about instantly and doesn't slow down when I have had 22 tabs open while researching including 2 tabs with videos and 1 tab with a browser game running. I found this to be very impressive. I've also enjoyed the Google or online versions of word, excel, and powerpoint. I've only used powerpoint online and Google sheets so far, but I was able to do everything I needed to do without any problems. I also love since this is a web based laptop it's not cluttered with icons for every program on the main screen, it has a very nice clean appearance made even more so by hiding the task bar. As other reviewers have stated this machine does not get hot and is silent, I never hear the fan come on even when I use this most of the day. The body is made of plastic but feels like a good quality, stable and not cheap or flimsy. I also really love the backlit keyboard, I've wanted one for a while, it comes in handy and is a very nice feature that makes this Chromebook seem like a high end machine, along with the display. This Chromebook fits my needs perfectly as a portable option to being chained to my desktop for school work. I really love it and at the $300 I paid for it, an excellent value and worth every penny.

  • femanon - For when you want all devices right next to you, at once !

    Zookki USB Charger is a very good quality device. It worked out so well for me. Earlier I struggled so much since there are only two places to plug in right next to my bed, but this one has 6 plug in ports which gave me so much space to plug in everything I wanted. Now my two cellphones, tablet, watch, night lamp, etc. could all be at the same place, and charged together! It is super convenient to use, and reduces so much clutter, and need for extension cords. It also delivers more than enough power to charge everything at once, very quickly, which is amazing for such a small device! The quality of this product is also pretty decent, while the price is modest, which makes it a must have device for all tech savvy people. It also comes with a power cord. As Zookki states, it could save you from "Socket war", which is hilarious, but very true. I would highly recommend this to everyone who has just too many devices and wants all of them to be right next to them at one time, whether it is your bed or your armchair, or office desk! I was lucky enough to receive a promotional code for this multi-port charger, but my review is unaffected by that.

  • Julie Murphy - Medieval History engagingly brought to life

    Just finished this very well written book and can’t wait to start the next one. I did not know enough about Owen Tudor but this book fleshed him out nicely. Yes, yes, it is a work of fiction but it is extremely well researched and as true to the spirit of the times as could reasonably be expected. Tony made it all seemed plausible although the concept of marrying “the help” in those days always struck me as highly unlikely. What wouldn’t one give to know the whole truth of the matter. Particularly liked the descriptions of the food. A great read for history buffs of that era.

  • Marlene S. - put on your TBR list

    I am giving an honest review in exchange for this ARC. Well, isn't this a different sort of story! With both the main characters raised under strict "ton" rules but with emotions to the contrary, the marriage has to change. When love enters in to it, things must change and so our heroine sets a plot to be all her husband needs much to his confusion and frustration. Nice read.

  • Inchicago - Overpriced concealer. I bought this and would not buy ...

    Overpriced concealer. I bought this and would not buy it again. Candidly, I put this on side-by-side with drugstore concealers and there was no difference.

  • Melvin Smith - PC Protection!!

    My wife own's a VIAO laptop and I decided to buy this for the price. She hasn't had one single problem since we downloaded it to her laptop. Damn good product! Fast delivery! Excellent seller!!