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Healthcare | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - The betterNOW! healthcare team of Cambridge offer a friendly, evidence based approach to physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropody/podiatry & dietitian services. 01223 832808.

  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge Chiropodist | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - BUPA registered Podiatrist. Within Sawston: A modern clinic offering chiropody for corns, hard skin and verrucas plus orthotics, bunion treatment, foot pain and ingrown toenails.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/bunions Bunions | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Advice on bunions. Conservative treatments and surgery, such as pads, splints, exercises, orthotics, gait analysis, biomechanics. Plus pros and cons of surgery.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/ingrown-toe-nails Ingrown Toe Nails | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Ingrown toenails are usually treated painlessly in one visit. Sometimes surgical removal of part of the nail is necessary. Leah is expert in nail surgery. Find prevention advice on this page.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/chiropody Chiropody | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Chiropody - information about Athlete's foot, corns, hard skin, callus, bunions and hammer toes - visit now for more information.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/biomechanic-a-gait-scanning Gait Scanning | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Biomechanical Assessments, Orthotics and Gait Scanning - visit now for more information.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/diabetic-feet Diabetic Foot Screening | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - diabetic foot screening, neurological foot assessment, doppler ultrasound, 10g monofilament, advice on diabetic foot care and treatment
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/ball-of-foot-pain-metatarsalgia Metatarsalagia (Ball of Foot Pain) | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - An article describing common causes of pain in the ball of the foot, including Morton's Metatarsalgia, March Fracture, Stress Fractures, Plantar Plate Rupture, Plantar Plate Tears and bursitis.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/childrens-feet Children's feet | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - An article describing common complaints seen in the lower limb and feet of children. Topics covered include curly toes, varus toes, intoeing, outoeing, knock knees, bow legs, toe walking, flat feet, growing pains, osgood schlatter and severs disease. Signs symptoms and treatments are discussed.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/fungal-nails Fungal Nails | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - A detailed article discussing the causes, signs and symptoms of fungal nail infections. Also discussed is prevention and treatment.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/video-gait-analysis Video Gait Analysis | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - For runners, video gait analysis is now at BetterNOW clinic in Cambridge. We explain the process and why this is a useful adjunct to biomechanical exams
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/chiropodist-cambridge/footwear-advice-custom-birkenstocks-a-sandals FOOTWEAR & CUSTOM SANDALS & FLIP-FLOPS | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - At BetterNOW!, we believe our different approaches to physiotherapy, osteopathy and podiatry are our strength and we can use this to benefit our patients.
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge Cambridge Physiotherapy | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - BetterNOW! healthcare offer expert physiotherapy in Cambridge including massage and exercise therapy. For Cambridge physiotherapy, contact BetterNOW! today
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/runners-knee RUNNERS KNEE | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Runner's knee causes pain behind the knee cap that also can include altered bio-mechanics and muscle imbalances. Call for our Cambridge Physiotherapy today
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/core-stability Core Stability | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Back pain is a common problem. Improving your core stability is a great way of reducing back pain. For more details call our Cambridge Physiotherapy specialist
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/repetitive-strain-injury Repetitive Strain Injury | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is common in the workplace and treatment from a Physiotherapy can help. For details call the Cambridge Physiotherapy specialist
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/physiotherapy-for-tennis-elbow Tennis Elbow | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Use our Cambridge Physiotherapy specialist for tennis elbow treatment to avoid the severe pain and loss of function it can cause. Call betterNow! for details
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/benign-joint-hypermobility-syndrome-bjhms Benign Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (BJHMS) | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Betternow healthcare can help you with your hypermobility syndrome, joint & muscle aches & pains. For more details on BJHMS call our Cambridge Physiotherapist
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/ultrasound Therapeutic Ultrasound | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Therapeutic Ultrasound is used by our Cambridge physiotherapists in a range of treatments from back pain to ankle sprain aches and pains. Call betterNow today
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/shin-splints-shin-pain Shin Splints (shin pain) | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - The betternow Cambridge physiotherapy sessions can aid with the treatment of Shin splints. For shin pain assessment and treatment contact our physiotherapist
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/hamstring-strain Hamstring strain | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - The betternow Cambridge physiotherapy treatments are here to help get the root and cause of your Hamstring strain which can lead to further injuries. Call today
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/road-bike-set-up-and-ergonomics Road Bike Set-up and Ergonomics | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Betternow Healthcare Cambridge can assess your bike to ensure that your body is correctly aligned as to prevent injury, pain and core stability assessment
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/headaches Headaches | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - Physiotherapy may be able to help along with advice and information about your Headaches. Contact BetterNow Healthcare Clinic Cambridge to book an appointment
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/sports-massage Sports Massage Cambridge | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - BetterNow Healthcare offer sports massage in Cambridge for problems with tight overworked muscles and the importance of recovery and injury prevention
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/physiotherapy-articles Physiotherapy Articles | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - We have a range of Physiotherapy articles to ensure we provide the best treatment available. For details or to book an Physiotherapy appointment, call today
  • http://www.betternowhealthcare.co.uk/physiotherapy-cambridge/iliotibial-band-itb-syndrome-cambridge ITB Syndrome | Healthcare Clinic | Cambridge | betterNOW - ITB syndrome is problem in runners. We look at causes, symptoms and treatment to help your pain. For details or to book a Physiotherapy appointment, call today

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  • Family of 5 - I ordered one mill and I like it a bunch

    I ordered one mill and I like it a bunch. I have tested it out and it has all the features needed for a good grind. You can adjust the courseness of the salt or pepper, it is very easy to fill and refill, the mechanism is very easy to use one handed by simply squeezing, and it also looks very nice. To adjust the courseness you turn the metal dial/wheel on the bottom of the mill unitl you get it just right for you. To fill the mill you pull out the silicone stopper that is on top. It blends in so It took me few seconds to realize how to do this. The mill does not hold a whole lot but it is very easy to fill it back up when it is low and it is not too large or bulky to keep on a dinin room table since it just holds a decent amount. Good buy and well made sturdy item.

  • Cicelyman - Great phone, texting issue solved

    Soooo, I bought a couple of these phones to replace my kids old iPhone 4's but shortly after using them both began to not deliver or receive texts. Some times it would send, sometime not and the same with receiving texts. After reading reviews on here I saw this was a problem with these phones. After actually returning and reordering the same phones thinking it was isolated to those particular phones it happened again! Then I stumbled on the solution. I simple down loaded a different texting app than the one that came pre installed on it and they work perfect. Its pretty darn good for being so affordable. It knocks the socks off the old iPhones in every way for 1/10 the price.

  • Skylight - It takes a little time

    I love this product! You just need to have a little bit of patience with it though, because the whiteness takes about 2-3 uses to actually start showing. It might sting your teeth a little bit at first also but you'll get used to it and will be de-sensitized...

  • Gerardo Zandarin - EXELENT and FUNNY

    I have DEER HUNTER RELOADED, i can say that this so good too, recommended for all hunting fans, very funny

  • mona bonnette - The inside bladder of the Mikasa MVA Olympic Volleyball did ...

    The inside bladder of the Mikasa MVA Olympic Volleyball did not withstand normal play. We have had the ball for a month and was used approximately twice weekly before going flat and will not stay inflated.