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Beyond Hearing Voices - At Beyond Hearing Voices achieve spiritual wellness and healing through mindful meditation, healing herbs, using as pendulum, and online spiritual counseling.

  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/contact-me.html Contact Me for Spiritual Questions - If you have any personal spiritual questions regarding the spiritual realm, contact me here.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/hearing-voices-blog.html The Spiritual Voice - In <b>The Spiritual Voice<b>, there will be updates of the latest news in the spirit world, live blogs and articles in beyond-hearing-voices.com.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-chat.html Spiritual Chat - Spiritual chat is a place to go live online and ask a question, write about your spiritual experiences, or comment on others' spiritual experiences.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/hearing-spirit-voices.html Hearing Spirit Voices Stories - How would you like to submit one of your own hearing spirit voices stories? You can do it here now and be published online.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/online-spiritual-counseling.html Online Spiritual Counseling - Even though I am trained as a psychogical counselor, I use my own emotion focused therapy through online spiritual counseling where healing takes place immediately after emotions are released.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-meditation.html Spiritual Meditation - Learn spiritual meditation and you will find your line of communication opening to Source, your spiritual guides, and your higher self in order to receive answers to your questions.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-daily.html Spiritual Daily Cleansing - While working with clients, I use my method of spiritual daily cleansing which is part of the spiritual healing process through my ability of hearing voices.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/hearing-voices.html Hearing Voices - This is my story about hearing voices which I could do since I was a child, but I was punished for this ability. You can submit your story on this website.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/ascension-symptoms.html Ascension Symptoms - Many people are experiencing ascension symptoms which feels like illness within their bodies. This is all a part of on-going ascension. Here are some of the symptoms you may be feeling.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-development.html Spiritual Development - If you are wondering how to begin spiritual development, read the conversation that I had with my main spiritual guide Matoowah.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/cleansing.html Spiritual Cleansing Is Necessary For Clearing Emotional Blockages - I am consistently doing spiritual cleansing within myself on a daily basis. Once you begin this process, you will discover layers of negative emotions deep within yourself that you need to release.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-gifts-personality-traits.html Spiritual Gifts Personality Traits - Everyone has spiritual gifts personality traits. You need to discover what they are.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/letting-go-of-anger.html Letting go Of Anger - Letting go of anger and other negative emotions is important in order to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthy.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-journal.html Spiritual Journal - I started journaling every morning, which became my spiritual journal and my life line after members of my family and my partner 's deaths.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/mental-illness-stigma.html Mental Illness Stigma. - The mental illness stigma is changing. With ascension symptoms, more and more people are experiencing clairaudience and clairvoyance within the spiritual realm. As a young girl, my ability ...
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/communicating-with-god.html Communicating With God - I am ecstatic that once again, I am communicating with God; find out what we have talked about.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/benefits-of-meditation.html Benefits of Meditation - There are so many benefits of meditation that I have discovered since I've been doing it every morning. I will tell you how it has helped me.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/anger-problems.html Anger Problems - If anger is the dominant feeling that is taking control of your life, it is time to admit that you have anger problems. There are solutions to help you.
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/spiritual-protection.html Spiritual Protection - Learn how to have spiritual protection, especially from lost souls who have not returned home, and other's negative vibrations which can overwhelm you
  • http://www.beyond-hearing-voices.com/lifes-lessons.html Lifes Lessons - Our lifes lessons are not necessarily learned in the public schools and universities, they are what we experience daily within our families and friends and other relationships.

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  • consumer guy - Great product but DAB Nutrition provided terrible service

    Balmax is great but I advise avoiding buying it from DAB Nutrition. DAB represented that it could deliver the product within a few days. Ten days later I determine that the product was of stock the entire time. Avoid DAB!

  • Mrsneu - Excellent without side effects

    I have been using Slim Quick for about 1 month and have felt a big difference. Increased energy, 7 lbs lost, and much smaller appetite. Love it. Be sure to take your last pill several hours before bed because you will have a lot of energy.

  • Richard Irizarry - Encyclopedia Britannica 2012 DVD

    Outstanding resource suitable for all ages. I bought the Encyclopedia Britannica 2012 DVD for my granddaughter (6 years old) and she loved it. Easy to load onto the computer--several options where you can load the whole DVD onto the computer or choose to open the encyclopedia when you load the DVD; either way, it is fast. Would recommend to anyone.

  • Amazon Customer - A good product with some flaws that should have been caught during testing

    I've used TurboTax products since they were introduced in the 80s. In the past Intuit did an excellent job insuring that the user interface worked. This year there were several problems with the UI and there was no simple way to make Intuit aware of the problems: In the "change of ownership" I checked "no" but the program continued to guide me through the change of ownership questions. I had to go back to the initial set of questions to 'reset' the no ownership change. When I was ready to submit the forms electronically, I scanned a document and pasted the path to the .tif document into the 'location' text box. When I went to submit the form I found that the signature page was not attached. I had to return to the start of the filing section and click "find the image file" button rather than pasting in the path that I already knew. I'm surprised that Intuit no longer solicits real customer feedback. The survey at the end where I could have noted my problems now contains only marketing segmentation questions without asking the user for any substantial feedback. I will grudgingly use TurboTax in the future because there is currently nothing better.

  • Lois Marie - Didn't do much

    I've used Tend Skin for years, and decided to try a bottle of this to see how they compared. I do prefer that this is a gel rather than a liquid, but it just didn't seem to work as well. I'm back with Tend Skin.