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Biosafety | Chlorine dioxide gas biological decontamination and hyigene services - Biosafety Pty Ltd is the exclusive agent for ClorDiSys Solution Inc. The main area of our business is to provide gaseous biological decontamination using Chlorine dioxide products and services to the Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific Life Science, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage and Healthcare markets.We also offer consulting on Hygiene, Contamination and Infection Control. Included is some niche contamination control products from our joint partners.

Country:, Oceania, AU

City: 151.1982 New South Wales, Australia

  • Melissa - Best To Get You over the Hump!

    OMG! This was all I needed to drop the last few pounds from my previous goal. I finished the bottle and then just maintained my weight. When I am ready to drop my last 10 pounds, I will start taking again.

  • buckspy - Quite a bit of noise

    This was for our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the extra large sun roof. The noise these created, caused me to remove them. I tried adjusting them to hopefully reduce the noise, however I didn't have any luck. The function of these worked perfectly, used with a Yakima Skybox 21 traveling across the country. The noise may be more noticeable due to the sunny room, however will not be able to confirm until we order a replacement.

  • Daniel J Dickman MD - Works well

    I was able to use this to transfer my failing hard drive wo a new solid-state drive. Problem is that it is always running in the background and I can't reboot my computer if needed in less that about 2 minutes as it shuts down. I have been looking through the settings, but can't figure out how to disable this feature. Still it made the transfer much easier than expected.

  • Karl Seeler - Bought "Bundled" Federal and State return but charged again to download the State.

    I used TurboTax for over a decade until this year when they decided to shaft loyal customers by removing functionality from the Deluxe version, indirectly increasing the price. I purchased the "Bundled" download of TaxAct which was advertised as the Deluxe version with a State return. Unfortunately, there is no way to download the State return without paying again. In response to the users who claim that TaxAct site will recognize users of the Bundled version and not complete the charge, I tried repeatedly without success. I finally threw in the towel and paid twice but I am mighty steamed about it. Apparently, sleazy business practices are the norm in the tax software industry.

  • Ruben A. Ochoa - I have beautiful, youthful

    I have beautiful, youthful, resilliant naturally tan skin tjay tends to not be sensitive, but this stuff burned and left my skin red and blotchy. Not good