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  • sved - Was not compatible with my old peachtree 2006

    Purchased to upgrade my old old 2006 peachtree version and it was unable to. Called customer support, but they were unable to get it to work.

  • Barbara A. B. Bailey - Keeps furry, unwanted guests out of our shed

    We store a lot of inventory and packing materials in our shed, so I'm concerned about little furry creatures making a home in there. In the 5 months since we started using these, I've seen no evidence of these unwanted guests. The smell is pretty strong, and I've noticed that I can still smell it after a month, but to be on the safe side, I'll continue to use a new one every 30 days.

  • The Voracious Reader - Sorely DISSAPPOINTED!!

    I have used Olay Product for about 10 years now and I have always had a great experience. So when I found out about this hair remover I thought it would be just as good. I was a little skeptical at first based on the fact that it was $23 but it was Olay so I felt it would be worth it. I take it home and follow the directions. I liked the balm you put on first because after I put on the cream I didn't feel that tingle or burn like other products. So after keeping it on the recommended 10 minutes I take a cottonball and start to wipe it off. It removed very little hair and the hair that did come off it wasn't the whole hair, it left stubble. The hair started growing back after only 4 days and since it didn't get the whole hair some of the hairs are now ingrown and I will have to tweeze. I was very dissapointed and felt that I just wasted $23 on a product that made my hair problem worse. IF I COULD GET MY MONEY BACK I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY!! I guess it is back to Veet.

  • teresa reynolds - the writters market

    this product has been very very helpful. i will recommend it to other writters. the stuff in this book has helped write our query letters and other helpful things...

  • Mary - Just When I Thought I Would Have To Reinstall My OS

    Something had wormed into my computer system despite a free antivirus program that had served me well. Each time this weird screen popped up, and I managed to end-run it, it came back. In fact it seemed to be getting smarter to the point where I couldn't even get into safe mode, or change how I wanted to reboot. I thought my only solution was to reinstall my operating system, but that would have meant losing dozens of programs I could never get back. I looked around and found a great deal on Norton Antivirus. Norton Antivirus found the problem and permanently removed it. This software seems to be doing the job of KEEPING things away. If this continues, Norton can be assured of my renewing next year, AND putting it on my other computers!