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  • Alice - Wide variety of humor

    This calendar is amusing with a wide variety of humor. This year is a slightly updated design, with a more modern and sleek look which is nice. They did away with the back pages, which is sad-- the quizzes and brainteasers were entertaining (though the lists for babysitters and what to buy on sale when were exceptionally lame). I would love to see them add separate entries for Saturday and Sunday.

  • OBXBeacher - The practical stuff you need.

    Gave the practical details and excellent description to let me know about the places I was visiting and chronicle the trip. I'll be buying only Lonely Planet guides in the future.

  • Amazon Customer - Handy version for your tablet!

    So very handy to have the New American Bible on your tablet, especially when on vacation. Navigating through the bible takes a little getting used to but quickly becomes more familiar. traditional footnotes to amplify the passages are helpful.

  • Kevin - Great addition to my JK!

    Love the look and works extremely well for all radio stations when "in-town" the further away the worse the reception. That said it is excellent for my satellite radio. Not a change at all with satellite reception. Great product and very small.

  • Toni Welch - Awesome lantern/flashlight combo.

    I really like this lantern/flashlight combo. When I first received this product I was expecting it to be a okay but I can really see why this will come in handy. When I first read about this product I just thought it was a lantern/flashlight combo, I had no idea it was a power bank too. I just like the size and quality of this lantern/flashlight combo. Its got a nice sturdy weight to it and it feels good in the hand and I love the portability of it. It gives off a really bright light, more than I expected it to give. It has 3 modes, bright light, dim light, and a emergency flashing light. The all seem to work great. It's also rechargeable by the USB cable on the unit. The powerbank on it can charge devices likes your smart phone or MP3 player. Seems to charge smartphones at a decent rate. I would recommend this product to anyone. I received this product at a discounted rate for my honest review.

  • Amy Fiedler - Nice but takes a while

    I've tried this with dry skin as well as after shower. It feels comfortable to hold and comfortable on the skin, and it's easy to use. It does a great job at removing callused skin, but it seems to take a long time. In the past I've removed calluses with a pumice stone, and that takes about 5 minutes. Getting the calluses off with this device takes at least three times as long to get to the same smoothness as with the pumice.

  • Darcetha - Good moisturizer for sensitive, oily skin

    I ordered this product after reading the reviews, and because my skin has the following problems: hyperpigmentation, sensitive, oily, menopausal and acne. The directions state to use this product twice a day. I can honestly say, at first I was skeptical. Using oil to moisturize oily skin, what is up with that? You would think this would cause your skin to become even more oily. But, after using this product for three days, my skin is less oily, and my hyperpigmentation is starting to fade, I have not suffered from breakouts, burning or itching. I'll be 50 years old in July, and my skin is looking younger. Definite win for me! Just because your age is old, doesn't mean you have to look that way. I'll keep using this for now. ;)