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Bon Haro - Inicio - Corporarción dedicada a la implementación de estrategias fiscales, asesoria administrativas y soluciones de outsourcing de personal.

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  • LeeLee - Great duo along with XTZ

    I got this for my boyfriend along with the XTZ product also made by BASE because he wants so badly to have the energy to work out, but after working almost 14 hour days (he's a tanker driver) he is usually too exhausted to go to the gym after work and even on the weekends he is just exhausted. He now has the energy to go to the gym or just get through his day sans a nap. It takes him a little longer to fall asleep when he goes to bed, due to the stimulant in the XTZ - but nothing drastic. He is still able to get a decent night's sleep. After almost 2 weeks of use, he is down 5 lbs.

  • hardcore - Great Preventative Plan as Well!

    This is an excellent book that can be read in 1 evening. I highly recommend it. I've read a ton of cancer support books using nutrition and detox and this book does a wonderful job summarizing what options you have.

  • Amazon Customer - This was a hit with my 8 year old Granddaughter.

    I purchased this for my Granddaughter's 8th birthday. I have a Gear Fit that she has always been fascinated with. This was perfect for her. It was simple to figure out. She was playing games, taking pictures, running with it all within the first 30 minutes of putting it on.

  • Anthony R. - Fits perfct in 2014 Ram Crew Cab.

    I bought this for my 2014 Ram Crew Cab. It is a perfect fit. I don't know why so many say it wont fit. It fits perfectly and with a shallow mount sub, its just perfection. I would mount it down with some type of bracket to prevent any rattle although it is a snug fit and I do not foresee any rattle or movement.

  • Eloise - Miracle Worker

    So first off, I use the whole system (shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment). The process is very quick every day. The shampoo feels and smells great (very minty). Now as far as growing back more hair, I'm not sure how effective that is. I have very very thin and ugly hair. It always has to be in a bun; otherwise, it looks terrible (limp, lifeless, oily). The rain is my enemy. Anytime it rains, I must run because if my hair gets wet in public, it's a disaster. Then I started using Nioxin and yes! It works! It TRULY TRULY works! So if you have thin hair like me, PLEASE TRY IT. This stuff is great. My hair is noticeably thicker and just bigger in general. I can now even wear my hair down and with some hairspray, it actually looks great. Wonderful product for thin haired people; definitely recommended. But do use the entire system as I think it makes a difference. My hair feels great now.