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Botáni Australia | Natural skin care, simple skin care - Botáni is Australia’s leading all-natural skincare brand specialising in innovative, treatment focused products created by a caring Naturopath. Proudly Australian and vegan friendly, Botáni utilises organic plant active ingredients which are skin friendly, petrochemical free and derived from sustainable sources.Botáni’s products allow your skin to breathe and function naturally whilst experiencing ‘the Botáni difference’. TGA listed, Botáni’s range of natural pharmaceuticals offer proven results in the treatment of acne, tinea and common fungal infections while

  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/babies/ Organic Babies Products | Best Natural Baby Products In Australia - Botáni’s natural formulations gently cleanse, moisturise and heal your baby’s skin, giving you complete confidence that you are doing the best for your baby.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/body/ Best Natural Body Scrubs Products | Botani Body Lotions - Botáni Australia - Botáni body care products are formulated to pamper and nourish your skin, while providing effective relief for common skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/eyes/ Best Anti Ageing Eye Cream |Best Eyes Treatment In Australia - Looking to rejuvenate your tired eyes with naturally nourishing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating products? The Botáni eye treatment range is designed to tighten and firm the delicate skin around the eye.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/face/ Organic Face Products | Best Face Cream | Best Facial Moisturiser - Botáni’s extensive face care range addresses imbalances and damage by providing effective skin care solutions for all skin types, including sensitive, combination and dry skin.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/hands-nails/ Hands & Nails Archives - Botani - Nourishing hand products that hydrate the skin and strengthen cuticles. Protective, non-irritating and absorbent, your hands will be left feeling soft and smooth.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/product-category/range/natural-pharmaceuticals/ Natural Skin Care Brands Supplies | Australian Natural Pimple Cream - Botáni’s natural pharmaceutical range includes TGA listed products that offer proven results in treating pimples, acne, tinea, thrush and common skin infections.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/blog/ Botáni Australia | Blog & Skin Care Tips - Botanis Blog with all the latest skin care tips and trends. Our top skin care tips on how to use natural skin care products to care for your skin and celebrate natural beauty
  • https://www.botani.com.au/our-mission-values/ Our Mission And Values - Botáni Australia - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.Donec ornare vitae nisi id fringilla. Curabitur volutpat nulla posuere magna ornare, vel sagittis massa euismod. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/skincare-library/olive-squalene/ olive squalene - Botani -   Olive Squalene: the Vegan Squalene mimicking the skin's natural moisturising factor. Squalene in the skin Sebum is an oily secretion produced by sebacious glands, tiny ducts adjacent to hair follicles. Sebum is secreted into the follicle, from which it spreads over the hair and skin.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/barbaras-story/ Barbara's Story - Botani - I grew up surrounded by a large Greek family, it was always eventful and colourful with constant gatherings, food and celebrations. I had a special bond with my beautiful grandmother (yiayia) who in her native Northern Greece was known for her ‘healing hands’ and infinite knowledge of herbs and...
  • https://www.botani.com.au/botani-ingredients/ Botáni Ingredients - Botani - Please find below a comprehensive list of the plant ingredients used in our range of all-natural products. Botáni introduces the skin to the healing benefits of botanical ingredients with our safe, treatment focused range.
  • https://www.botani.com.au/shop/purify-sample-kit/ Purify Sample Kit - NEW | Botani - Purify sample kit. Your 8 week solution to combination skin, oily skin, enlarged pores & acne.

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  • D. Bird - Great product at 1/2 the cost of pet stores!

    We bought the Diffuser and this 2 pack refill at the same time. We have not used the refill yet, but here is the review that I gave the Diffuser: Don't let the price scare you, because this is an excellent product. At least I think it is... We brought 2 new kittens into our home with a 5 year old cat already the queen of the house. We plugged this in the day we brought the 2 kittens home and have had positive results. We get a few hisses from the 5 year old to the kittens once in awhile, but nothing much. I also bought the spray and sprayed it in the room that we slowly introduced the kittens to the older cat in. So far so good. My daughter says she smells a faint odor, but no one else in the house can. I priced this item in several pet stores and it was double the price in the store!

  • Cheryl Evans - NCLEX -RN 2012-2013

    I received this book on the date that it was promised. It is a very helpful study guide. I would recommend this to anyone who has to take the NCLEX test. Worth the money!!!

  • Glenda Hunt - It works for me - coarse, tight afro

    Here's what I did: Washed, conditioned my hair. While it was still damp, I sectioned my hair for a two-strand twist the size that I wanted, applied a small amount of Knot Today, then applied a small amount of the Curling Custard. I twisted the sectioned hair until my entired head was done. Then I put on a scarf and I let it air dry. I'm sure you can sit under a dryer until it is dry, but I didn't. When I undid the sections the next day, they were hydrated, soft and curly. Every hair type won't tolerate the product the exact same way that mine does. That's why we experiment. Some experiments are successful and some fall flat. As for me, I loved the product and will always use it for this particular two-strand twist style.

  • M. Edwards - Be careful

    Be careful! This stuff is deadly. It definitely speeds up your heart so you burn more calories. But at what expense? I thought I was having a heart attack.

  • emrah - Best treadmill in its class

    The best treadmill in the $1000 dollar range. Bought this for my wife. She has used it an hour a day, 3-4 times a week for 2 years and still works wonderfully. If you weigh more than 190lbs, like myself, then I wouldn't recommend it. The motor isn't powerful enough. This is true of all treadmills in this price range. Also, you won't get anything worth having under a $1000 so if you want quality on a budget then this is what you want!

  • Happy Nana - What a super Tv wall mount!

    This is a marvelous tv wall mount. We are redoing out basement and this is going into the rec room. It is exciting to plan things. It is a well-made wall mount it will extend from 40 to 70 inches and we hoped to get our TV up there on the wall soon.