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  • donna calli - Great Deal.

    This was a good book to use. I ordered two books so I had to return one. Great deal for what you get.

  • GayeC - Don't like it, but love it

    My overall reaction to this book is that it's both fascinating and appalling. In some ways it's sexist, but much of what seems sexist is actually true (wives generally do want their husbands to be strong, confident, a little bit Alpha - even if they won't admit it). Some of the advice goes against my religious beliefs, but a lot of it lines up with those beliefs - so I can go with the latter and ignore the former. It's written primarily for husbands who want to have more and better sex with their wives, but almost any husband can benefit from the author's advice. As a wife, I learned a lot about men and relationships from this book, and found some fun information to share with my husband. If you want to have more and better sex in your marriage, buy this book, read it, and follow the advice that works for you.

  • Frank L. Petro - Great Product

    I have a problem with moss on the north side of my house. I mixed the product according to the directions then applied with a garden sprayer. With in a couple of weeks all the Moss has died. Now I just need to wait for a heavy rain to wash the moss off the roof.


    Forget "Christian propaganda". Asylum films is simply trying to make a buck by making cheap knock-offs of popular movies by producing similar themes and near identical titles. I bought this for $5 at Walmart, and I am sorely tempted to soak in in gasoline and toss it in the air so I can shoot it with a shotgun and get some satsifaction out of this abomination.

  • Marissa Ascione - never felt so miserable...

    i got these fat burners for free from someone who works for the owner of the gym i work at.. like everyone else said, i thought my body had to get used to it but that's not the case at all...although it does give me energy like c4 or hyde before my work out, it also gives me horrible acid reflux and i have to stop what I'm doing to try & throw up in the bathroom.. i haven't thrown up from the product yet but i don't wanna find out how long it will take before i actually do.. looks like i'll be flushing these bad boys down the toilet and burning fat the more natural way without poisoning my body and feeling like theres a hole being burnt into my throat :)