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Bryan LifePointe - Lincoln, NE - Bryan LifePointe is a medically based health, wellness and fitness center. We provide expertise in health programs, rehab offerings and spa services.

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  • http://www.bryanlifepointe.com/lp/health-services/ Health Services, Bryan LifePointe - Lincoln, NE - Bryan LifePointe is a medically based health and wellness facility dedicated to helping you reach your full health potential.
  • http://www.bryanlifepointe.com/lp/fitness/ Fitness, Bryan LifePointe - Lincoln, NE - Bryan LifePointe offers fitness classes for all levels to fit your schedule. Aerobics, aquatic, boot camp, cycling, bodypump, yoga, zumba, fitmom & more.
  • http://www.bryanlifepointe.com/lp/nutrition-weight-loss/ Nutrition and Weight Loss, Bryan LifePointe - Lincoln, NE - If you’re ready for a life-long, smart approach to weight loss and better health, we invite you to visit with Bryan experts and learn about your options.
  • http://www.bryanlifepointe.com/lp/spa-medspa/ Spa & MedSpa - The Spa and MedSpa at Bryan LifePointe offers facials, massages, pedicures, reflexology as well as advanced treatments such as botox, vein treatments & more.
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  • Lowlight - Your mileage may vary; judge for yourself after hearing both arguments...

    I should start by saying that I'm just an average guy with little to no experience when it comes to the world of nutrition and exercise who, for all intents and purposes, has a crappy diet. In fact, if you were to fully take the advice of anyone on this product based solely on their background in the aforementioned industries or anyone else that's an alleged "health professional" that knows better than you do, I'd probably be the last person you'd want to hear the opinion of. I don't sell this product myself, and am in no way getting any kind of incentive to say what I'm about to say here. In fact, I actually came back to this link today (17MAR12) to place a second order based on the results I had with it and felt compelled to at least offer another opinion to contrast the learned statements of "the professionals" in this industry.

  • Felix The CAT - LAST OF ITS KIND!

    The last of the corded razors! As thin and light as they could possibly make it. Handle with care as a hard drop on ceramic tile will kill it! Blades are sharp Shave quality is good.

  • Shaina - The ONLY diaper I will use!

    I have these on auto ship with amazon mom and I LOVE it! They are cheaper than you will find anywhere even with coupons. I received quite a few different small packs of diapers for our baby shower from various brands and fell in love with swaddlers. Have only used these since. they fit great on my son. We sleep trained him from an early age and needed something that could hold up for 12 hours. These do!! Definitely recommend trying them out. I have heard that different diaper brands fit different body types. I only have one baby so I can't compare when it comes to body type but I am super happy they came into my life as they have saved me many outfit changes or wet sheets!

  • Ash. - Large Salsa.

    This is a very large bottle of salsa! I know you're thinking "yeah, well....it does say '64-oz'" but I don't think you realize what 64 ounces of salsa looks like until you see this bottle of salsa. Does it taste amazing though!? Well, yeah....it's salsa. It's delicious.

  • Sailndayz - Terrific!

    Maybe Matt could go on to clean up broken Calif. or even the Whitehouse, or at least the corrupt Attorney General Office (US).

  • Sonia - I'm a huge One Republic fan, but this album is not as amazing as Native

    I’m a huge One Republic fan, have been following them since their single Apologize released back in 2006. To this day Apologize is still played on the radio. I loved their “Native” album, however this album is not their best work. I’ve listened to the album a few times now and I’m still not sure if I like any of the songs. The songs may grow on me, but as of now the album lacks hits that made Native so popular. On a more critical note I did not enjoy the auto-tuning of Ryan’s voice in some songs. They recorded this album while on tour and it shows. The songs don’t have a lot of depth.