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Independent building test, research, instruments and information - BSRIA - BSRIA is a consultancy, test, instruments and research organisation providing services in construction, building services and facilities management.

  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/about/ About BSRIA - a test, instrumentation, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services - BSRIA is an instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/ BSRIA services for building design,. construction, operation and test of products - BSRIA provides a wide range of specialist services to help companies improve the design, construction and operation of buildings and test of product
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/ Energy Efficient Building Performance or Building Design UK - BSRIA offers a range of services at Design stage to enhance Building Performance. This includes Energy Efficient Performance Assessments, view for information!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/bim/ Building Information Modeling, Bim CAD Construction & Architecture UK - Here at BSRIA, we offer Building Information Modelling (BIM) Services for the Construction of Buildings. To fully plan your Architecture, view for information!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/energy-advice/ Energy Efficiency Audit Report, Consultants & Monitoring Companies UK - UK leading Energy Efficiency Auditing Company, BSRIA's highly skilled Consultants can provide Audit Reports from long term Monitoring or simple Meter Readings!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/indoor-air-quality/ Indoor Air Quality Testing & Management, Solutions or Monitoring UK - BSRIA offer a complete Air Quality Testing service. From the initial Test to planning Solutions & creating Air Quality Management plans, call our team today!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/life-cycle-costing/ Life Cycle Costing and Cost Analysis consultancy - BSRIA's Consultants help apply Life Cycle Costing and Cost Analysis to their construction and building projects
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/mock-up-testing/ Environmental Mock Up Testing and Test System Performance - BSRIA - BSRIA's highly skilled engineers can perform System Performance Tests in either our physical Mock Up laboratory or on site. For full details, view site now.
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/soft-landings/ Soft Landings Framework or Guides, Building Design Process UK | BSRIA - At BSRIA we have our own Soft Landing Process. Our Framework helps bridge the gap between the initial building designs to the operational outcome, view site now
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/design/well-being/ Advice for wellbeing in the built environment for productive, healthy staff - Sustainable buildings provide benefits to the environment, society and economy (also known as planet, people and profit) and create win-win-win situations
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/compliance/ UK Building Regulations, Construction Compliance Consultants UK |BSRIA - BSRIA offer nationwide Services for Construction Compliance ensuring that Building Regulations are met. Ensure your property passes Regs approval, view now!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/compliance/airtightness/ Air Tightness & Leakage Testing, Building Airtightness Test Equipment - BSRIA's skilled engineers perform UKAS accredited Air Tightness Testing for a range of Buildings. Our service is nationwide, call our team for more information!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/compliance/sound-insulation-testing/ Sound Test on dwellings for Building Regulations and Standards, UK | BSRIA - BSRIA offers dwellings Sound Barrier Insulation Testing for England and Wales Building Regulations and Scottish Building Standards compliance on many types of buildings. Using the latest equipment, our Sound Test Service is of the highest standard!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/compliance/thermal-imaging/ Thermographic Survey, Infrared Thermal Imaging Surveys Costs UK |BSRIA - Performing Thermographic Surveys of Building Fabrics, BSRIA's highly skilled team use Infrared Thermal Imaging to identify any leaks or insulation defects!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/compliance/ventilation-testing/ Ventilation Testing, Ventilation Systems Test Services UK | BSRIA - UK leaders in Ventilation Testing, BSRIA's highly skilled engineers use the latest UKAS calibrated equipment to perform tests on your systems. View site now!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/ Energy Efficiency In Buildings, Building Energy Analysis & Consultants UK - BSRIA offer a range of Energy Efficiency Consulting & Testing Services in Buildings. Our Consultants perform a full Analysis during Investigations, view site!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/building-performance-evaluation/ BSRIA Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) and Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) services - Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) or Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) services covering a walkthrough, energy survey and occupant satisfaction
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/condition-monitoring/ Vibration Analysis, Building Condition Survey & Acoustic Testing | BSRIA - BSRIA offer a range of Condition Monitoring Services. From Vibration Analysis to Building Condition Surveys we are sure to pinpoint problems before failures!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/condition-surveys-and-due-diligence/ BSRIA condition surveys and due diligence of building services plant to assess physical, operational and maintenance condition - Building services condition surveys and due diligence to inspect plant to assess their physical, operational and maintenance condition
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/failure-investigations/ Forensic Engineering, Failure Investigations & Failure Analysis |BSRIA - BSRIA's Forensic Engineering team offer full Failure Investigation services analysing exactly where your plant or equipment failed. View site for information!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/indoor-environment/ Indoor environment investigations of comfort and health - Site investigations and laboratory testing to validate, assess and internal environment comfort issues across a range of specialist building and facilities
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/maintenance-strategy/ Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Management Strategy to Lower Costs UK - BSRIA work closely with clients to create Maintenance Management Strategies to ensure Plant Maintenance runs smoothly while reduces Cost. Visit site for info!
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/om-benchmarking/ Benchmarking to reduce building energy and maintenance costs - Benchmarking consultancy is used as a tool to help building operators better understand their current performance and what best practice looks for energy and mainteance costs
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/fm/overheating-in-buildings/ Investigations of overheating and thermal comfort issues in buildings - BSRIA experts can investigate reported issues and recommend remedial measures to improve overheating and thermal comfort
  • https://www.bsria.co.uk/services/test/ Laboratory Tests & Validation, Performance Verification Testing |BSRIA - UK leaders in Laboratory Tests or Validation, BSRIA offer a range of services including Performance Verification Testing. With over 50 years' experience, call now!

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  • Penelope S. Wardlow - Annoying software.

    Have just loaded the 2013 AV software and I must say I am disappointed. AVG over the years has become more and more controlling and very difficult to contact. They have these enormous lists of suggested problems and you are expected to find which one is germane and follow the cure they suggest. Why should I spend half my time doing that if they are truly supportive of their product. Answer, they are not! And they should stop pushing Twitter and Facebook. I have zero interest in either of those. Worst problem?? The taking over of my computer by installing their own web access and deleting all the home pages I had set up. And then I have to go through all the efforts to reinstall what was my set-up and delete theirs. I certainly would not recommend this software. This is going to be my last year with AVG. And they need to support one's setting of controls and to not issue threats of not being covered if, for example, one decides to set downloads of updates at a different schedule than the software selects.

  • melinda - Insomnia

    Magnesium has so many benefits. I originally ordered it for relaxation for my severe insomnia. I don't exactly feel that it worked in that capacity, but there are so many other benefits I will keep using it. The best way I have found for using it is to heat up some Crystal Light lemonade, and then stirring until completely dissolved. Then add cold lemonade to it. It makes the lemonade very tart, but its the only liquid I've used that I can stand the taste of the product.

  • Phil Guzzo - From further in the future.

    I'm coming back from further in the future and I found one at Goodwill for 29.99. Awesome for the price!

  • I love my Gazelle! - I love my Gazelle!

    The machine is fun to use and very quiet (which is important in my little apartment). Movements feel very fluid and natural, yet it gives the body a surprisingly good workout. I can really feel it in my arms, legs, and sides. I chose the Edge Glider because of cost and portability. It doesn't have pistons for added resistance like some other models, but I was just looking for something that could induce walking/running motion. For more of a workout, I just run faster or longer, or use a longer stride. And I like the fact that I can fold the unit up and stash it behind a door or in a closet when company arrives. It is rather cumbersome to move, though, so I usually keep it out where I'm encouraged to use it regularly. All in all, a good deal for a useful and sturdy machine. I'm very happy with the purchase.