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Premiere Medical Center - Doctors in Burbank - Medical Clinic Glendale - Serving Burbank and Glendale, the doctors of Premiere Medical Center provide personal, professional healthcare. Come visit our medical clinic today!

  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/dr-michael-d-marsh/ Michael D. Marsh, M.D. - Geriatrics Doctor in Burbank - Internal Medicine Glendale - Dr. Michael Marsh, a Burbank internist/physician, specializes in geriatrics and has treated most every condition of the human body.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/dr-bruce-m-stark/ Bruce M. Stark, M.D. - Internal Medicine Burbank, Addiction Doctor, Pain Medicine Internist - Dr. Bruce Stark, internist in Burbank, is a Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine. He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/dr-geoffrey-lloyd/ Geoffrey LLoyd, D.O. - Sport Injuries Doctor Burbank - Osteopathic Physician, Treats Injuries - Dr. Geoffrey Lloyd in Burbank specializes in Family Practice & Osteopathic Medicine. He treats patients with acute or chronic illnesses.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/dr-jose-luis-hernandez/ Jose Luis Hernandez, M.D. - Burbank Internist - Glendale Doctor - Dr. Jose Luis Hernandez, a physician that specializes in internal medicine, treats patients in Burbank, CA, and the surrounding communities.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/victoria-j-chan/ Victoria J. Chan - Nurse Practitioner Burbank, Internal Medicine Glendale - Victoria Chan is a Nurse Practitioner in Burbank certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/samantha-alburn/ Samantha Alburn - Family Nurse Practitioner in Burbank and Glendale - Samantha Alburn is a Nurse Practitioner in Burbank certified by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners. She sees all different types of patients.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/debra-lesin/ Debra Lesin - Diabetes Doctor Burbank - Diabetes Management Glendale - Physician - Debra Lesian, a diabetes doctor in Burbank and Glendale, is board certified in Advanced Diabetes Management
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/about-premiere-medical-center/ Premiere Medical Center - Burbank Doctors - Physicians Glendale, Clinic - PMC doctors, nurse practitioners, and staff have been serving Burbank and Glendale using the latest technologies to provide you a Premiere healthcare experience.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/insurance/ Health Insurance Burbank - Medi-Cal, PPO, HMO Accepted Glendale - Premiere Medical Center in Burbank accepts all forms of insurance including Medi-cal, PPO, HMO and more
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/contact-us/ Contact Our Burbank Medical Clinic - Contact us today to set up a consultation at our Burbank Medical Clinic. We look forward to seeing you.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/ Healthcare Services Burbank - Allergy Testing, PRP, Weight Loss Burbank - Premiere Medical Center in Burbank CA provides personal, professional healthcare. Same day appointments available!
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/allergy-testing/ Allergy Testing Burbank - Skin Tests Glendale - PMC in Burbank provides allergy testing. Running nose, itchy eyes, scratchy throat, headaches, watery eyes, constant colds, pet irritation? We can help.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/back-braces-lumbar-support-products/ Back Braces & Lumbar Support Products Burbank and Glendale CA - Our medical facility in Burbank offers back braces and lumbar support for patients with back pain due to injuries, pain from sitting all day or pain from exercise.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/bone-density-machine/ Bone Density Testing Burbank - Osteoporosis Treatment Glendale - Bone Scan - We offer private bone density scans at our Burbank medical clinic. Machine checks for Osteoporosis/bone density. Test only takes 10 minutes!
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/emgs-and-ekgs/ Electrocardiogram EKG Burbank - Electromyography EMG Glendale - Heart Health - At PMC in Burbank we provide EMGs and EKGs for patients right in our office. The tests are painless and over in a few minutes.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/emotional-support-animals/ Emotional Support Animals Burbank - Service Animals Glendale ESA - An Emotional Support Animal (ESA), in Burbank, is a companion animal which provides therapeutic benefit to an individual with a mental or psychiatric disability.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/internal-medicine/ Internal Medicine Burbank - Internists Glendale - Doctors CA - Our Burbank doctors are up-to-date with cutting edge procedures, medicines, technologies and issues.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/lipo-shots-weight-loss/ Weight Loss Burbank - Lipo Shots Glendale - Lipo - Premiere Medical Center Burbank provides HCG, Lipo, B12, for weight loss and energy boost. Weekly appointments.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/on-site-laboratory/ Laboratory Tests Burbank - Blood Testing Glendale - Premiere Medical Center in Burbank has an on-site laboratory to provide patients lab tests at the same time as their appointments with minimal wait time.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/on-site-pharmacy/ On-site Prescription Dispensary Burbank - Pharmacy Glendale - Prescriptions - Our medical clinic in Burbank has a convenient physician dispensary that eliminates the need to go to a pharmacy. Minimal wait time, fully stocked.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/on-site-x-rays/ On-site X-Rays Burbank - MRI Glendale - Radiology - X-rays done in our office in Burbank, digitally, with no time spent waiting for them to be developed the traditional way. Digital X-rays give our doctors and physicians instant access to your images.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/pain-addiction-medicine/ Pain Addiction Medicine Burbank - Trigger Point Injections Glendale - Premiere Medical Center in Burbank provides Trigger point injections, cortisone injections, physical therapy referral.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/platelet-rich-plasma-prp/ Platelet-Rich Plasma Brubank - PRP Glendale - PRP in Burbank can treat pain in the elbows, ankle, or shoulder. 30 minute procedure where a small amount of blood is taken from the patient, blood spins in a machine for 10 minutes.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/services/testopel-testosterone/ Testopel Treament Burbank - Male Testosterone Injections Glendale - We provide Testopel tablet treatments that only require a quick and easy procedure at our Burbank office. The medication is on the forefront of testosterone treatments.
  • http://www.burbankdocs.com/providers/ Doctors in Burbank - Healthcare Providers Glendale - Physicians - Premiere Medical Center in Burbank CA provides personal, professional healthcare to the Burbank area. Same day appointments available!

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  • princesslady - Impressed

    We have a spare bedroom that we don't go into often and I went in one day and found our cat had sprayed on the bed multiple times, and it was not recent it had been at least a few days, the mattress was dry and the odor was horrible and it is an expensive mattress so I was pretty upset, thinking it was ruined, I found this and saw it was sponsored by Animal Planet on the bottle and that impressed me so I got it, as soon as I poured it on the stain the strong odor of cat spray was gone immediately (and if you've ever smelled that you know it's intense and awful), waited for it to dry and the smell is gone. Would recommend to anyone with animals or kids who pee the bed.

  • Breezy - like it

    Love how this works. The only thing I do not like about it was how big the tree prints out. I would have liked it to print on one sheet.