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California Rx Card - Free Statewide Prescription Assistance Program - The California Rx Card program is a FREE statewide Rx assistance program available to all residents.

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  • Nanakay - A sweet Christmas romance

    I love Christmas and will read books about Christmas or watch Christmas movies anytime of the year. This book caught my eye on NetGalley and I was excited to be given a chance to read and to review it.

  • Alexis - Family Gamer book

    I bought this book because my family is really BIG gamers and we want to know as much as possible about our video games! We play every different type of video game out there. This book was very entertaining to us and filled with lots of great information! My kids loved the pictures on every page! The book is a little bit long I think because the pictures are pretty big and some almost every page. I think the book is great quality and is money well spent on a great video game educating book!

  • Amazon Customer - This stuff is probably great if you don't have dogs

    This stuff is probably great if you don't have dogs. If you have dogs don't waste your time with this product as you will want to strip and refinish every other day. It looks fantastic the first day but within 8 hours of a dog walking on it, all you will see is scratches in the finish. Easiest way I have found to remove is to use a industrial wax stripper and some elbow grease with towels.

  • David Smith - Love Kaspersky. I was a mobile PC tech for ...

    Love Kaspersky. I was a mobile PC tech for years and this was my easiest upsell because I genuinely believed in the product. I would get re-infection callbacks all the time with the freebies and as soon as I installed this, the infections stopped!

  • Amazon Customer - try to get off this product and you should be so lucky to not feel like you are detoxing

    If I could I would rate it a 0 and even in the minuses... I have researched this product and many MANY ppl are reacting very badly to this aweful product... WAY too many stimulants combined with blood thiners and then there are many substances in there that are ILLEGAL but yet ended up in here... Wonder why you have so much energy and mental clearness? it's cuz your body is on speed... try to get off this product and you should be so lucky to not feel like you are detoxing, which is what is happening! Many ppl have DIED using this stuff because of the blood thining agents in there. I can't believe that this stuff is legal AND that ppl are pushing this stuff down ppl's throats. Social media is littered with promoters who just want your money for this way over-priced product. There are many other alternatives to feeling better and more alert than THIS garbage. Now I know that promoters like Emilie who just troll this site will tell me oh but it's this and that and the other thing and Thrive works and blablabla. You can save your time and efforts and just read on to the next comment. I will stick with the research I did and trust my gutt instincts cuz I know this is not good for me nor ANYBODY.

  • El Dudereno - anonymous

    Tastes like industrial plastic and horrible. Made with toxic and unhealthy canola (rapeseed)oil. Do yourself a favor and do some research on "canola" rapeseed oil. Check out the book Young Again: How to Reverse the Aging Process by John Thomas You may be surprised to find out there is nothing healthy about it. In fact it actually does much more harm than good. The bag proudly proclaims "A healthy alternative" In this case I would have to say as a vegan real cheese is probably less harmful(and much better tasting) than this highly processed "healthy alternative."

  • Nonna Khinich - Black Seed Cold-Pressed Oil

    It arrived very fast and safely. I've been taking it for about three weeks now and noticed that it works well on my joints. I don't fill any stiffness on my fingers in the morning and no pain in joints. Will continue to take it. Thank you.