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  • LisaBoBisa - This shirt is my dog's best friend during storms or fireworks!

    My 13 year old dog was never afraid of thunderstorms until we moved into our new house and the neighbors surrounding us like to frequently shoot off fireworks. Not just during the 4th of July. ALL year. My dog had never encountered fireworks before and thought we were under attack. And then with the loud noise and the flash of the fireworks, she learned to associate thunderstorms - with those loud noises and flashes of lightning -- with absolute terror. Thanks, Neighbors!!!

  • Mr Crookshank - you've read this one before

    Main character runs away from a invading army, goes on a long journey with a couple of other misfits. This is the same story line you've read before but this book is poorly written and will put u to sleep

  • S. Sherrill - Miserable word processing program

    I wish negative ratings could be assigned to this miserable piece of software. I would give it 5 negative stars. I've been involved in PC-based computing for over 30 years. As an academic/writer I've used the various versions of Word to write articles, books, and course outlines for classes. I consider each version to be worse than the one before it (much like MS operating systems) with version 10 a complete disaster. It is obtuse, counter-intuitive, and inefficient. Nothing is simple and straightforward in this abysmal piece of software. Nothing! For example, trying to paginate one section of a document is a multi-step process that at least on my version simply doesn't work. Ever. Why not write the code so that the section to be separately paginated could be highlighted and then paginated as opposed to the overly complex malfunctioning procedure MS employs. I cannot think of anything Word does easily and in an intuitive manner. MS gets away with this kind of stuff because they have a monopoly with the operating system and Office is linked to that. In trying to be everything to everyone -- thus controlling the market -- in my opinion it does nothing well for anyone.

  • OTWellness - Will definitely be buying more!

    These chairs are so comfortable! My husband and I have both been having back issues, so we unpacked and set them up as soon as we got them to try them out. Set up (or lack there of - it was really just pulling them out of the box) was really easy. The chairs were so comfortable upon our first try that they have never even made it to our back porch - they're still in our living room! We will definitely be buying another set of these.

  • The PUG - DEF cap

    Great product, fit was spot on for my 2014 Ram 3500. Looks much nicer than the junky plastic from the factory.

  • Anna - I'm pretty sure that I am allergic to this

    I'm pretty sure that I am allergic to this. It makes my eyes super itchy the next morning after I put this on at night. I stopped using this. I have very sensitive skin though and am allergic to a lot of things so this might work better for people with less sensitivities.