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Center for Advance Medical Simulation & Learning - Learn from state of the art medical simulation training center. CAMLS uses the latest advances in healthcare by combining cutting edge simulation and training.

  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/ Healthcare Training Center | Simulation in Healthcare Education | CAMLS - CAMLS medical simulation education & training allow learners to practice in a safe environment to improve patient care. Learn more about simulation in
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/education/ Healthcare Training Center | Healthcare Simulation | CAMLS - A medical training center focused on simulation in healthcare. Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Continuing Education (CE) courses that healthcare
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/national-curriculum-certification-courses/ National Curriculum Certification Courses | CAMLS | CAMLS - CAMLS offers many courses though USF through out the year. Courses are geared for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/skill-based-courses/ Skill-Based Courses | Healthcare Training | CAMLS - CAMLS offers courses such as: basic suturing skills including suturing wounds, tying knots and removing suture/staples, chest tube placement, etc..
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/simulation-based-courses/ Simulation-Based Courses | Healthcare Training | CAMLS - CAMLS is a leader in medical simulation training. Courses offered: Hybrid OR, TPA training, Interventional Cardiac Catheterization, etc..
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/surgery-courses/ Surgery Courses | Surgery Training | CAMLS - CAMLS offers many courses in surgery including Advanced Surgical Skills in Exposure in Trauma. Courses also include: minimally invasive surgical techniques.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/nursing-courses/ Nursing Courses | Nurse Training | CAMLS - CAMLS provides many nursing courses through out the year. Visit CAMLS to view all courses including ACLS, ATCN, and FCCS.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/education/resident-training/ Resident Training | CAMLS | CAMLS - Training courses for residents are available at CAMLS: The ATOMĀ® increases surgical competence and confidence managing injuries to the chest and abdomen.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/trauma-courses/ Trauma Training | Advanced Trauma Care | CAMLS - CAMLS provides trauma courses to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Visit CAMLS to learn more about our trauma courses such as ATLSĀ®.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/obgyn-courses/ OB/GYN Training | | CAMLS - CAMLS offers courses are geared toward doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals including minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/educational-services/ Continuing Medical Education Conferences & Course | CAMLS - Continuing medical education courses and conference at CAMLS provides realistic training for realistic success. Learn more about our continuing medical
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/educational-services/curriculum-development/ Curriculum Development | CAMLS | CAMLS - CAMLS offers many services including learning objectives development and on-site accreditation.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/ Meeting Planning | Meeting Planning Services | CAMLS | CAMLS - Contact CAMLS to learn about our meeting planning services. Our services for your event range from registration to off site events and hotel accommodations.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/cme/ CME | Continuing Medical Education | CAMLS | CAMLS - CAMLS administers most of the specialty continuing education programs accredited by the ACCME. Visit CAMLS for more information.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/cme/calendar-of-events/ Calendar of Events | CAMLS | CAMLS - The CAMLS Calendar of Events displays all upcoming courses. Visit our site to view brochures and register for courses.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/cme/profile/ Profile | CAMLS | CAMLS - As a USF Health partner, CAMLS provides access to your academic profile. Sign in to view your profile and transcripts.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/cme/transcripts/ Transcripts | CAMLS | CAMLS - CAMLS partners with USF Health in Tampa, FL. Visit CAMLS to view and download your most recent transcripts.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/education-and-training/meeting-planning/cme/cpd-accreditations/ CPD Accreditations | CAMLS | CAMLS - Located in Tampa, FL CAMLS has over 10 accreditations including ACCME, and the ANCC.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/medical-device-innovation/ Medical Device Development, Testing & Innovation | CAMLS - CAMLS provides a wide range of medical device innovation at any stage of the medical device development life cycle.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/medical-device-innovation/product-design/ Medical Device Product Development & Engineering | CAMLS - CAMLS can assist with your medical device product development and engineering. We ensure your product is on a path to success.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/medical-device-innovation/product-simulation/ Product Simulation | Medical Device | CAMLS - CAMLS is a world class facility that offers training on any stage of the medical device cycle.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/medical-device-innovation/human-factors-usability/ Human Factors & Usability | Medical Device | CAMLS - CAMLS offers human factors training courses for realistic training and consulting including training with human factors.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/medical-device-innovation/testing-validation/ Testing & Validation Services | Comparative Studies | CAMLS - CAMLS is a leader in CME and offers nimble, cost-effective and compliant testing and validation services including Comparative Studies and and CAPA.
  • http://www.camls-us.org/global-consulting-services/ Global Consulting Services | International | CAMLS - The University of South Florida Center for Advanced Medical Learning & Simulation (CAMLS) Global Consulting Services provides a comprehensive set of services,
  • http://www.camls-us.org/global-consulting-services/management-strategy/ Global / International Healthcare Consulting | CAMLS - CAMLS offers global medical management &healthcare consulting to train our clients with the latest international healthcare standards. Learn more about our
  • http://www.camls-us.org/global-consulting-services/technology-and-innovation/ Technology and Innovations | CAMLS | CAMLS - Through sophisticated engineering and services, the CAMLS Innovation Center meets the requirements of medical device companies and faculty to develop new
  • http://www.camls-us.org/global-consulting-services/competency-based-education/ Competency Based Education | CAMLS | CAMLS - CAMLS provides education and training programs using state of the art technology. Learners practice in a safe environment while demonstrating skills for safe

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