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  • Marvin - ... it to upgrade my old hard drive which works fine. However

    I purchased it to upgrade my old hard drive which works fine. However, I was disappointed to the result. Speed wise, I have no complaints. It was fast when it is working normally. However, the one I had is not stable so that it is difficult for me to give it a positive review.

  • Thomas E. Norris - Works for too many people I know

    I've personally had Zydot Ultra Clean work for me. As well as a few friends of mine. Only one I know that didn't pass showed me his report and it said he passed everything but Meth was over 25,000 ng (he should have fried out at 10,000!!) If you don't pass with Zydot you might check the labs credentials

  • Judy - Bended into Happiness

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book. This story starts with Jodie who is home for the weekend from college does evil tear her family away from her. Jodie sees her family dead in home and then her mother is killed right in front of her. Unknown until recently to Jodie her family is important in the Irish Mob. After the Italian mob finishes their job that they take Jodie and hold her hostage. Dante is told he will be responsible with the mafia princess and they want him to break her down and become a submissive sex slave to sell. Dante does not agree with hurting women or the sex trade they are getting into and has a hard time treating her badly. Once Jodie and Dante spend some time together do they learn to understand each other. Jodie has a chance to escape but does not take it? Will it be her biggest mistake once her life has been taken from her? Dante and Jodie face much danger. Can they escape the mob to have a happy life? I really enjoyed this story and characters good and bad ones.

  • Shelly - Another Outstanding Collection of Contemporary Short Stories

    This is yet another in the excellent annual series of short story compilations. Each volume contains 20 outstanding stories by contemporary North American writers, with a helpful brief introduction by the editor and a short biography and statement by each author. The stories are selected from those published in the prior year's literary journals such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic and the Kenyon Review. Each volume is edited by a continuing series editor as well as a different well-known author each year. Both the "Best American" series and the "O. Henry Prize" short story collection series, which operates on a similar basis, are outstanding and well worth reading and re-reading. (And every now and then the editors of each collection happen to select the same story for publication.).

  • Christine Joiry - no more chipped nails!

    I've always had brittle nails and this past winter they kept breaking and peeling. No matter how many different treatments I tried, nothing seemed to help. My hair was also really dull and I spent so much money on expensive shampoos and treatments. These vitamins worked within two weeks. My nails have grown stronger and stopped peeling altogether. My hair is shinier, softer and stronger!

  • Armando - Right on !

    My wife got a diagnosis from her MD that she had PCOS it made lots of sense for years and years of symptoms. She was prescribed metformin and hormones in the form of birth control pills. She took them for 3 months and had some bad effects and some good. But she is always looking for the alternative that is more natural than medication. So she was prescribed this product, Bio Adreno and Lipotoric Complex. She has had clear improvement in symptoms in two weeks !! She feels better, much better and her symptoms have either gone away or reduced.

  • Toddy Haciski - I LIKE QuickBooks 2011 for the Mac

    As an Independent Personal Business Manager, I have used QuickBooks for the Mac for over ten years and have been a beta tester for two versions of this product.