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Cares Community Health | Medical Clinic | Sacramento CA - Cares Community Health offers a full range of services from mental health, dental, pharmacy and HIV/STD testing. Call 916.443.3299 to schedule an appointment.

  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/about-us/ About Our Community Health Center | Services | Sacramento CA - Our board-certified staff offers sexual health education, HIV/STD testing, mental health services and much more. Call 916.443.3299 to schedule an appointment!
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/services/ Cares Community Health | Testing Services for HIV/STDS and General Health Care in Sacramento, CA - Cares Community Health offers a wide array of comprehensive medical services to the Sacramento area, including STD and HIV testing.
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/for-patients/ Cares Community Health | Comprehensive Health Care and Testing in Sacramento, CA - Please browse Care Community Health’s patient portal for various resources regarding health care in Sacramento, California.
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/employment/ Cares Community Health | Health and Wellness Employment Opportunities in Sacramento - Cares Community Health has employment opportunities for health professionals in Sacramento.
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/contact/ Contact Cares Community Health | Medical Clinic | Sacramento - Call us today to schedule an appointment for any of our medical services, from behavioral health to dental. Full-service pharmacy also available. 916.443.3299
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/for-patients/health-education/ Cares Community Health | Multi-Disciplinary Health Care Services in the Sacramento Area - Cares Community Health invites you to peruse our community resources for health care in the Sacramento area.
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/providers/ Cares Community Health | Qualified Doctors and Health Professionals in Sacramento - Cares Community Health has an excellent roster of health professionals in Sacramento.
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/services/hivstd-testing/ Free HIV/STD Testing | Cares Community | Sacramento CA - Schedule a free, confidential rapid HIV test at Cares Community Health. Consultation, sexual education and treatments available. Call 916.443.3299 today!
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/cares-community/depression-wearing-mental-health-services-rescue/ Mental Health Services at Cares Community in Sacramento CA - Persistent sad feelings? At Cares Community Health we have on-site professional counselors who can help. Call 916.443.3299 For emergencies call 911
  • http://www.carescommunityhealth.org/cares-community/choosing-best-health-care-clinic-important/ Choosing the Best Healthcare | Cares Community | Sacramento CA - Our latest blog post on how Cares Community Health offers a full range of services from medical, dental, & pharmacy, while keeping your records in one spot.

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  • bkayf - Purposeful for price

    For the price this was a good purchase. If you don't add enough water it doesn't work right. Through a couple trial/error's I figured this out. I was having to start/stop it and finally figured out that I needed to add just a tad more water than what the directions called for. Have no troubles now. Price was good, too.

  • kms10 - ... a gift for my brother in law and he enjoyed making it but the resulting beer was terrible I ...

    I bought this as a gift for my brother in law and he enjoyed making it but the resulting beer was terrible I don't think he ever did anything else with it. So kind of expensive for a few mins of fun mixing it up.

  • andyhah - Doesn't work

    The product doesn't repel water nearly as well as the ads imply. I sprayed it on a pair of leather boots, a purse, a hat, and a bookbag and water still penetrated into the fabrics for about 50% of the surface area I applied this to. Additionally, it leaves a rough, rosin-like texture to the product (not very pleasant to the touch for something like a purse or bookbag), and I'm not sure how or if it can be removed. I would not recommend this product.

  • David - Give your toothbrush some help

    We've all been told since childhood that we have to brush our teeth and take several minutes doing it. If you also use a waterpik after you brush you only have to look in your sink after using it to see what your toothbrush missed. Don't set it for more pressure than you need to do the job. If it hurts, you could be damaging your gums.

  • Amazon Customer - Passed even my perscription ive taken for a year was gone

    Worked amazing. Just make sure you follow the directions to a tee and if you're a female like me do not put any product in your hair after the whole shampoo processes is done. I left the conditioner in for 10 min instead of three. Really helped my hair feel good again. It actually blow dried smooth and straight when my hairs normally curly and wavy. Make sure the brush you use is new.

  • One word awesome - Cool

    I like this app because its ad free & it has excellent graphics for a kindle defiantly a recommended app.

  • BB195 - Kenzo Jungle!

    It is really nice, not too strong or sweet just perfect! I use another perfume by Kenzo: Flower. Which is my all time favorite!