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    This is the only facial cream I use day and night. I am usually very sensitive to all the chemicals in the make up and to a lot of lotion and cream. ( they give me burning eyes) but this cream does the trick. It hydrates while giving me NO allergy reactions. As far as treating sun spots, I have not really noticed a change but im sure they are true to the organic ingredients listed since its not giving me the horrible burning eyes!

  • Shirley Pruitt - New Customer

    I have always heard about Amazon.com and it's workings. Very impressive. I know someone who has been a long time prime customer with nothing but good reviews. And any problems are worked out through customer representatives. He convinced me to try it. No looking back now. YAY!

  • Doug Cornelius - Big Data = Big Problems

    With big data, comes formulas to parse through the data trying to make sense of it. Those algorithms can help make sense of the data and help filter through the noise to find trends. But those algorithms can also be easily misused and have harmful, if unintended consequences. Cathy O’Neil explores these problems in Weapons of Math Destruction.

  • one leaf - Easy bank reconciliation

    Quickbooks for Mac 2014 is yet another wonderful product from the folks at Intuit. It's super easy to use, has a good looking interface, and is a time saver. The online banking sync allows for a quick and easy reconciliation, asides from saving time it prevent entry errors. I recommend it to any and all small businesses, especially my farming neighbors.

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    No problems with order, arrived as expected, What do you say about a bag of fertilizer. It smells bad so it must be good, right?