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  • Nicholas Provenzo - Only $470.25? I'd pay at least $471.00 for this timeless classic!

    While this text does not include the outlook for synthetic toilet seats in greater China, and while not all of greater China uses toilet seats, (many preferring the the kimchi squat method of evacuation), let us not forget that China is freaking *huge*. Even if the market for wooden toilet seats is only a faction of the overall market for defecation accessories, that's still a lot of toilet seats.

  • Gary Pheasant - Donwloading Of Product

    The product would not download. Had to contact AVG and pay them to down load it for me. How do I get my MONEY back?

  • flowerpower - Until yesterday

    I have been using Norton for years & years. Until yesterday, I really liked it. I caught some kind of computer virus this past weekend, & Norton was not on the ball about it. I spend 4 1/2 hrs yesterday morn trying to get comp back to working. I was able to, but I was not happy with Norton. It is really true that anti-virus software is essential. Can you comp geeks make something better?? I'll still use Norton bc I need something, & it's my choice compared to other products on the market.