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  • Delphi Guru - This umbrella does as advertised and I love the design

    This umbrella does as advertised and I love the design. There is just one problem and that is the size. It is much larger than the average umbrella and as such it is difficult to find a place to store it in my car. Most umbrellas can be stored in the car side pocket or in my back pack. This is too large for that. They need to design a smaller version.

  • Ashleigh - Works well to steam clean, sweeper not so great.

    Steam cleaner works well, but the vacuum part I was not impressed with. I still have to sweep before I use to steam. I have two dogs and when I used the vacuum part before steaming all of the dog hair would just get stuck to the mop pad and then get spread around when I steamed.

  • Patricia Gonzales - I am almost done with this bottle about 5 months ...

    I am almost done with this bottle about 5 months of use everyday twice a day and so far no results on my Melasma.

  • Sergioh. - Good buy

    It doesn't have the quality of an original, but it works fine that's what counts the two halves don't close all the way.

  • Scott - Well it works

    I was skeptical but it did the job. My tub was leaking from a few places I followed the instructions and it seems to have fixed all of the leaks. Be patient to make sure your stuff has a chance to dry to determine if it is leaking still or not. I thought at first it hadn't worked but a few more days and the foam finally stopped seeping the water that was in it.

  • Goose - Questionable durability

    The cross bars fit well, but I worry about the durability. The ends are plastic and all of the weight on the metal cross bars are distributed on the plastic clamps and a single screw. My car has a moon roof and I watched as the plastic bent under the weight of the load and the force of the wind as I drove down the road.