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  • nellgwen - I love this little thing.

    I bought this because I saw it and watched reviews on YouTube, and had to have it. The sound is quite stunning. It's loud and clear. I also bough a different Bluetooth devise that didn't work half as well, and was more expensive. I'll consider it a back up.

  • Nana - Great space saving storage.

    This is the first time I've tries these space saver bags and they're great. I put a blanket in one and pumped the air out and it has been sitting for about 10 days and is still space saving. The first night after sealing it a tiny bit of air leaked in but since then no more has. Like I said this is the first time I've tried them so I can't compare them to other brands but these work great. I can't wait to see how well they work the next time I take a trip, just think how much more I can bring home with me. These are easy to seal and easy to pump out the air and they even came with a pump. The pump is small enough to pack and take with me when I travel. I plan to store all my holiday tablecloths in these bag and I am looking forward to packing up my off season clothes for easy and compact storage and they'll even stay clean. This is a great product and very useful for someone with limited storage space. So excited to have these.

  • Brad E. - Sheath is garbage.

    The knife is exactly as I had hoped. I give the knife 5 stars. However, the sheath is garbage. The "adjustable retention" ability is a joke. The adjustment clips are flimsy and cheap. They bump around when the knife is carried and each side slides independently from the other on both sides of the sheath, making it a pain to line up and unreliable to carry as it will not maintain a suitable level of retention.

  • Saber A - An $80 printer that Epson thinks they can sell for $499

    First let me say: I did NOT get this printer FOR FREE unlike the other reviewers so far. I paid $499 and bought it directly from Epson. My reference points are: HP 8100 all in one (Purchased 8 years ago for $275 from Costco), Xerox 520 Documate scanner (purchased 10 years ago), and a basic HP entry level laser printer purchased 15 years ago for $550 (I no longer own)

  • Tatiana GD - Eye-opener

    Waiting time for the package to arrive was alright. The DVD itself was eye-opening. Obama's personal background and his upbringing are the subjects, they are correlated to his brand of presidency and the philosiphies that define his leadership. Though non-judgmental and non-critical in his tone, D'Souza points us to the shocking facts that explain why he is who he is.

  • Dianne Lawler - I am in love with this brush

    I am in love with this brush. Seriously, if I could marry it, I would. I have tried all manner of applications for my foundation. I've used sponges, brushes, etc. This one leaves a flawless finish and it feels like heaven against the skin. I had been looking at these for a while but didnt know if I wanted to spend the cash on one without knowing how it would work. I will now be buying these for my daughter and her friends as christmas gifts! No makeup lines, and it helps keep you from using too much foundation. I'm always down with saving my expensive foundation. Great quality and extremely soft bristles. It even comes with a nice little insert that explains how to use it.