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Albuquerque Counseling - Christian Counseling New Mexico | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - We utilize a “Client-Centered-Care” therapy model for counseling which means we highly encourage active participation from the client and their families in the counseling process.

  • https://www.christiancounselingprofessionalsnm.com/services/ Solutions to Behavioral and Emotional Problems - Counseling Services | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - Christian Counseling Professionals is a full-service, multi-specialty behavioral health care clinic. We are staffed with licensed, experienced therapists with expertise in treating emotional and behavioral problems.
  • https://www.christiancounselingprofessionalsnm.com/services/conflict-resolution/ Manage Conflict - Faith Based Conflict Resolution | Christian Counseling Professionals, LLC - We all manage conflict as we navigate throughout our daily lives. Sometimes, however, we face conflicts that we need help resolving. These may be difficulties at home, with your spouse or children, that could destroy the fabric of your family, or at work, with a coworker or boss that impact your ability to do your job.

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  • Phatmom - Good deal

    These are standard checkbook registers, equivalent to the ones we get from a bank. As you know, the bank never gives you enough! And when ordering checks, there is never enough. I'm a stickler for recording every transaction so I always need more registers. I ordered 4 sets of the 3 pack so I'm all set for a while. This is something I hate spending money on, but this is convenient and affordable. Glad to find them on Amazon.

  • Amazon Customer - Barely meets expectations

    I agree--it seems to be poor quality. Did not buy it on Amazon, but have owned this Energizer family charger for about 3 yrs. Only used it regularly for about a year or so, and it's already stopped working. Even before it quit altogether, it seemed to be charging the batteries inconsistently. Kind of defeats the purpose of saving $ by recharging batteries, if you have to replace the charger after only 18 months!

  • erf01 - excellent mattress--but be aware of the drawbacks of talalay latex

    This is an excellent mattress, the Vzone is really helpful for side sleepers. I was waking up with shoulder and hip pain on our old mattress and I now have no issues. However, there is one major drawback--motion isolation is poor to fair. It never occurred to me that talalay would have different motion isolation characteristics than dunlop latex, but it has a very pronounced side-to-side waterbed feel when one of us gets out of bed. It doesn't bother me that much since it's so comfortable tossing and turning is rare. Also, if you get the mattress very soft, I don't think you should sit on the edge of the bed to say, put on your socks--it compresses a lot and it doesn't seem like that would be good for the longevity. I'm still really pleased with my purchase but wanted to make people aware of the cons I didn't know about.

  • Robert G - Do not buy!

    I do not have the 2012 version but I have the 2010 version. I had the old ACT program by Symantec. It was good so I finally broke down and bought the 2010 ACT sotware by Sage. What a mistake! This is horrible software and the features are not as good as my 10 year old software. I had a problem with a report and called Sage about it. Two years later and I am still waiting for it to be fixed. Their service people have preconceived notions about how you should use the CRM and have a dificult time understanding you if you do not use it that way. I wiuld put a zero down for customer support if it were available. The functionality, product quality, and ease of use are all in question. Too many things do not work like they should. I was surveyed at least two times and was aked if I wanted to be contacted by Sage. I said "yes" both times but no contact. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  • Terri - I already have the HP series but love these illustrated books

    I already have the HP series but love these illustrated books. Hope they keep coming out with them, although for the larger volumes, it might be more of a challenge. Still hoping tho . . .

  • Roy Cheung - Great Reusable Hand Warmer

    Amazing little hand warmer, it's a lot more cost effective than the oxidation hand warmers and provides a lot more heat. But with some Cons.