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  • Drama Fan - Deep Sea Facial Peel Gel

    A friend bought this product at a kiosk and gave me a facial peel at my home--ladies it even took off the "peach" fuzz that us older ladies get. Yes, the dead skin was gross, shocking actually, since I just had a professional facial the "week" before and it didn't remove the "peach fuzz". DSFPG did--my face wasn't red, irritated or tender--it was wonderfully soft and with the DSCFP Moisturizer wonderful. Once a week is all you need for this product, I'm a believer!

  • Fred B. Tomlinson - not as advertised

    I purchased this product because my antivirus was about to expire. Panda recommended getting IS 2010 on their website. The product is supposedly Windows 7 ready. I could not install the product. I then went to the Panda website. On the Panda website they had an IS 2010 version download that they claimed was also Windows 7 ready. It would not install on my Windows 7 professional 32 bit system. I then opened a ticket with Panda tech support stating the above. UNFORTUNATELY I have been playing email tag with tech support. THIS has been a common problem which I have had in the past with Panda.

  • J. Teague - Great little gadget you didn't know you needed!

    I paint my nails several times a week so I thought I'd try this even though it didn't seem like a 'necessary' item. I love it! I can sit on the sofa and paint my nails without having to lean over the coffee table and most importantly, I don't have to worry about accidentally tipping the bottle of nail polish over. I would buy this as a gift for anyone who paints their nails often.It is easy to put on and when you're done with the hand you painted, you can 'pinch' the sides where those little 'tabs' stick out and lift it off your fingers instead of sliding it off the ends of your fingers and possibly smearing the polish you just applied.Nifty.So far, it holds/fits every size bottle of polish I have. Just loosen the cap before you stick the bottle in it.

  • C. Cole Early - Outstanding

    Excellent. Gorgeous. The instrumental sounds are added bonus because they give you some extremely realistic sounds so that you can more easily compose. Definitely an improvement from previous versions. Outstanding job, Finale.

  • Jonathan Roy - Not the quality of other Quicken products

    Other Quicken products are much more interactive and helpful. This provides minimal guidance, and may leave the user feeling uncertain and wishing (s) he needs a lawyer after all.

  • F. Fahrner - Still love it after 4 yrs.

    Purchased this machine in October of 2009. It gets used from 40 minutes to an hour every day. Am no wimpy lightweight (230 lbs). The machine is holding up extremely well. Just recently I started have trouble with erroneous heart rate readings. Changed the battery and cleaned the pads but still had issues. Called customer service and they sent out a new belt no charge. The point here is great customer service. They really do stand behind their warranty, no hassel at all.