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  • J. Robinson-Husbands - Goals Met, Focus Up

    I took this product faithfully for a month and worked out. I lost 10 pounds and 2.5 percent body fat. My goals were met. My focus was increased, as well. In my case I didn't need to lose weight so much, but I needed to become leaner.

  • John Mark - Wonderful Replacement of my WaterPik

    AWESOME !!!! I've been a WaterPik user for many years - but thought it was time to get another new one, but I didn't want to fork over that much money. Thankfully, I happened to find this H2ofloss and decided to give it a try. WOW!!! I was - and am still being - shocked at how super this machine is. First off, I didn't know it came with a nasal flush - I've been using the squirt bottles - this is way more fun, and does a nice job. Then I tried the water-floss feature - and WOW!!! it did (and does) a really super job. Sometimes I get to try these products sold by Amazon for free - or at a discount - for my honest review. That didn't happen this time - but my review would be the same. I really love this - and so much quieter that my WaterPik - and really powerful. I highly recommend it to everyone who needs a great alternative to flossing with string.

  • AmazonCustomer - Not A Good Value

    This is one of those "you get less than what you pay for" socket sets. The case doesn't hold the sockets in place when closed, and the ratchet wrench has very loose mechanism - hard to turn knob, then easy to turn next try - not great construction. It is a good emergency socket set. For frequent use or when it has to work every time - pass this set. The good thing is it has very small sized sockets that you don't find in other sets.

  • Galen F. Jones - It was highly recommended by a friend on a cooking program that these ...

    It was highly recommended by a friend on a cooking program that these were the best pans. As soon as I got them we baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies and they turned out just perfect and didn't stick. We plan on getting more of these as wedding gifts because these are better than any of the pans you can get at the box stores. We have tossed all of our pans but these Norpro Stainless Steel pans.

  • Angel Perkins - Just buy it already!

    I really wasn't expecting much from this cream. I have ridiculous amounts of pain in my hips from who-knows-what that started about 6 months ago. I'm only 43 and very active, so it's super annoying to be hobbling around like I've been riding a horse for a week! I'm getting fed up with living on analgesics and was contemplating becoming an alcoholic so that I could ween myself off of them👿 But then I received a sample of this cream.... I set it aside and forgot about it for a month or so, but this morning I woke up and hurt a lot. I found it in the basket all of my samples go into while I was looking for a moisturizer, and figured that today was as good a day as any. I slathered it on and went about my day. About 30 minutes later, I realized that I wasn't hurting anymore. Just to make sure, I sat down for a few minutes and then attempted to stand. Unfolding myself has become quite a challenge, so for me that was the test to pass. Anyway, I'm moving without pain right now, and apparently my liver is saved! I'm glad that I just happened to find my sample today. I did get it in exchange for an honest review. The first one's free, but once you're hooked..... 😈

  • Amazon Customer - EXCELLENT Product! I had severe hip pain to the ...

    EXCELLENT Product! I had severe hip pain to the point of limping, and, this mega dose of essential minerals cured that paid!! What my body was lacking was MINERALS! I already take high-potency vitamins and eat right. I am 56 six, so, practice mild exercise. This product is a MUST HAVE for anyone suffering body, and joint pain.

  • Christopher Rodriguez - Buy half a size larger than you normally would

    For those reading this. I highly advise that you buy this sneaker about half a size larger than you normally would. Shoe fits perfectly nice and comfortable. But the toe area is supper snug. I spend about 16 hours a day 5 days a week in these shoes. And my feet dont ache at all. Def worth the price.