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Corrective Chiropractic | Chiropractor Downingtown PA | 610-518-3370 - Chiropractic Doctors Childs and Durr and here in Downingtown PA to help you with your Chiropractic needs. Give us a call at 610-518-3370 to Schedule your next appointment!

  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/t2/doctor.html Dr Joseph Childs in Downingtown, PA 19335 - Chiropractor Dr Joseph Childs has been helping people live pain free in his chiropractic clinic in Downingtown, PA 19335.
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/t2/articles.html Health & Wellness Article Library - Corrective Chiropractic - A library of health and wellness articles covering a wide variety of subjects.
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/t2/services.html Services Offered at Corrective Chiropractic - Corrective Chiropractic, located in Downingtown, PA 19335, is a modern facility where we offer specific scientific chiropractic adjustments. Our goal with this care is to reduce and remove interference from your nervous system.
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/article/2813.html Resolution of Frozen Shoulder Following Chiropractic Care - Corrective Chiropractic - From the Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, December 3, 2015, comes a study documenting the resolution of a case of frozen shoulder following chiropractic care. The study authors point out that shoulder problems are common with up to 67%...
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/article/2799.html Chiropractors Aren't Just for Parents, Babies Get Adjustments Too - Corrective Chiropractic - The headline above comes from an October 30, 2015, news story from KMOV in St. Louis. The article features the fact that babies are seeing chiropractors at an increased rate. The story, by anchor Carolyn Long, begins by noting, "W...
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/article/2873.html Medical Error - the Third Leading Cause of Death in the US - Corrective Chiropractic - The title above comes from a May 3, 2016, paper published in the prestigious British Medical Journal. The study was also reported on by a number of news outlets and articles. According to study author Dr. Martin Makary, surgical dire...
  • http://www.correctivechiro.com/article/2923.html Improvement in Autistic Behaviors Following Chiropractic Care - A Case Series - Corrective Chiropractic - In the August 11, 2016, issue of the Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health is a published case series showing chiropractic helping four children suffering from autistic behavioral symptoms. The authors of this study explain t...

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  • Rebecca H. - Love the Thundershirt for my Great Pyrenese!!!!!!

    Great product for dogs!!!! I highly recommend these thundershirts for dogs. My Great Pyrenese is terrified of thunder and fireworks. He would panick at the sound of them. Now, he can't wait to get his thundershirt on at the first sound of any thunder or fireworks.

  • Frances K. - but overall it gave a good picture of Lucy and Desi

    An awful lot of detail in this biography which was a bit offputting, but overall it gave a good picture of Lucy and Desi. I learned many things I never knew before.

  • jka0282 - Just ok, Better options available

    I'm a big fan of Uppababy - I've purchased the Mesa car seat, base and the Uppababy Vista stroller. It seemed only logical to me that I purchase the stroller organizer to go along with the Vista. After using it twice, I wasn't really impressed. The positives are that it (1) fits nicely on the stroller by two side velcro straps; and (2) is convenient for storing items as it has a cup holder pocket, front open pocket (good for cell phone or anything you want accessible) and back zippered pocket (which is small, but nice for keys). Now for the negatives - (1) The cup holder slot is fairly shallow and is really only best for a bottle of water (with cap) or smaller cup. I took my chances with a small coffee cup and unfortunately it spilled all over the organizer (the instructions specify that it shouldn't be used with a hot beverage - I took my chances anyways, and while it held the beverage container fine, it certainly was not ideal). I personally prefer a holder that can accommodate different size beverage containers. It was also not an ideal fit as it only held one beverage container - something I didn't think much about before purchasing, but after going on walks with my husband and baby, two cup holders are preferable. (2) The pockets are really only perfect for a phone and keys - if you have anything larger it likely would not fit well and would best be stored in the compartment underneath the stroller. (3) The price is a negative for me - it didn't break the bank, but it was expensive for a sub-par product (in my opinion obviously). After using this just twice I purchased a different 'universal' stroller organizer from Amazon that was under ten dollars, and that could accommodate two beverage containers and hold more items. This isn't a bad product, I just think there are better options out there.

  • Marc - Great read for the math lovers, something for everyone

    This is a great collection of math articles and papers from the year 2010. Sure most of it is out there on the internet, but the author does a great job of organizing and presenting math from the historical, philosophical, applied, and academic.