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  • Tyron - Best 4k TV for the money

    I am a bit of a audio/video-phile and must say, this is an awesome product. I purchased this TV expecting to settle for a middle of the line picture and substandard features. I couldn't have been more wrong, the picture quality on this TV is outstanding. I understand that it doesn't have the best grey picture uniformity or the most noticeable HDR color reproduction, but you know, that really doesn't matter, because it's not something anyone is going to notice in 99% of TV/Movie watching scenarios. The colors are bright and vibrant, way better than my more expensive 1080p Samsung from 4 years ago (which also cost more money). Black contrast and uniformity is outstanding. I can never notice the backlight/bleeding when credits are rolling. I can't believe this is a standard LED TV and not a quantum pixel or OLED TV.

  • bka0721 - Great Bag, but needs tweaking in the design to remove Grocery Sack result.

    I like it. But it is larger than I expected. I might order a medium, if I can figure out how to negotiate Amazon's search for them. Not that easy to search for. But this one fits great for my 17" Laptop, but I need one for my iPad and stuff, for those days I am going with that one. I wish there were more pockets or possible solutions on the interior of the Messenger Bag. Things turn into a "grocery sack" when carried inside. I have solved this to a certain point by using zip lock bags to organize the smaller items. Some extra work in design could be done here, as there is in Camera Cases like Lowe and Case Logic has done and for the same price point.

  • Amazon Customer - marie Claire

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  • phaidout66 - Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving

    Well the world is still here after 2012, but this movie has some interesting almost believable ideas. Its all based on the Mayan calendar and the world just explodes with destruction on a catastrophic scale. The GCI effects are endless and very detailed. Those visual effects people really did their homework on how the viewer needs to see a realistic approach to such massive destruction. From a massive tsunami rolling a aircraft carrier into land to splitting the ground open and collapsing an entire coast into the sea! Wow! Awesome effects! They did great and it kept moving. I did not get bored at all.

  • The Rreview Lady - 5 Stars

    With this app you can get some really nice stuff for really cheap and I never have to wait for the things to come up when you really like something you can just save it if you don't want to buy it right now you are even able to have friends I would definitely recommend this app for all ages

  • Amazon Customer - Best Acne Product!

    This review is very long overdue. I bought AcneFree in July of last year and only after a few months my skin cleared up and I stopped having break outs. I can proudly say I now have clear skin with only a few light scars that are gradually fading. I almost never get a pimple or have a break out anymore, it's unbelievable! I was so depressed about having bad acne so I decided to give this a try, and it has given me my confidence back. This product is affordable and believe me it really does work.!

  • Dr. Webb - Not the best, not the worst

    I have not had a problem with virus' getting through, but have had several "Ad" malware get through. Have had one Norton picked up on and warned me about, but it was already on the computer when it warned me. I don't believe any antivirus program is foolproof though.