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  • Ernest Polk - This one sounds like he phoned it in

    This one sounds like he phoned it in, no depth to his singing, sounds more likes he's just reading the words. I like Michael Buble, but this albums is not his best effort. Nothing that you want to hear more than once, and listening once is like a chore. Need to make better albums than this.

  • Joshua Brown - An Indispensable guide to the markets, an annual ritual for serious investors

    Every year I get my copy of the Stock Traders Almanac and I spend the first few weeks combing through it to remind myself of the indefatigable cycles and seasonality of calendar.

  • reed carefully - Not good even for the cheap price, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT

    Firstly, The resistive /resistance screen is enough to drive one mad. The screen is unresponsive and where your tap is interpreted may be centimeters from where you tap.

  • Melinda Geberth - Goodbye fallout!

    I would recommend this product to anyone who is having a problem with excessive hair loss in the daily care of their hair. I saw an ad for Hair Volume in a magazine and decided to try it as yet another attempt to stop my depressing hair loss. After only two weeks of taking one tablet per day, I noticed a great reduction in the amount of hair I was losing, and after one month, I was down to losing only 3 or 4 hairs when brushing or blow-drying my hair. For many years, I took 5,000 mcg of Biotin every day and saw no difference in either my hair or nails, and lost between 50 and 100 hairs all over our sinks and floor every time I washed and dried my hair. So, I am continuing to take this miracle product and am ecstatic to see a really big difference in the extra fullness of my hereditarily thin hair.

  • Ms. Mitchell - Good product, good coverage.

    The fibers work well and definitely give your hair a fuller appearance. You just need to be careful not to sprinkle too much at one time. It's expensive so you don't want to apply more than necessary. The fibers are very light and will fly all over, so you need to hold the bottle near the area to be covered before shaking. And, if I am going to cover the area near my forehead, I tilt my head back slightly so the fibers don't end up on my forehead.

  • Poppy - What a Terrific Read! All the dirt, failures and successes!

    What a terrific Read! The public's perception was definitely different from their real lives. A very informative, no hold read, all the dirt, the failures, the successes of their careers.