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  • Ollie - Be on stand-by to call McAfee.

    I put this on 3 computers that I serviced for a small business in the town I live and the first installation went on just fine no problems the next 2 computers I went to install this on the installation was "finicky" which bothered me but I called up McAfee and they helped me get it all sorted out. Once all 3 computers were used McAfee works perfectly. I was expecting a CD for installation but it was just a card with an access code on it. I think that is why it was so "finicky", was that it was not a hard copy CD.

  • Melinda - Fun!

    My son loved opening up the lego windows each morning! The only thing I thought was a bit weird is that the 4-wheeler kit came without the wheels and it was many days before they were included in the dolley kit. And I wished the Christmas tree was opened sooner in order to lend more of a "Christmassy" feel to the scene earlier on. Overall though it's a great set and we'll probably continue with the tradition.

  • Munich-Angie - An absolute must-have for fans!

    I may be a little biased since this is my top-favorite show but one does not have to be biased to say that Season 5 was absolutely awesome and one of the best so far. This show offers the perfect distraction with its excellent mix of crime, comedy, character, action and beautiful Hawaiian locations. In addition to the 25 very enjoyable and entertaining episodes of Season 5, there is quite a lot of great bonus material as an additional reason to buy this DVD box.

  • Peter G. Keen - but it looks like Asus is corner-cutting on quality

    Junk. Note how many 1 ratings it gets and so many different reasons. I returned mine two days and three repair visits to the store. Initially, unreliable wifi connection, then complete inability to connect, with the system reverting to airplane mode and wifi off regardless of settings, reboot, diagnostics. Other Asus machine buyers report the same problem which is supposedly solved by updating drivers but you have to get on the internet so you can get the drivers that will let you get on the internet. Awful, awful. Flimsy construction, which is ok for a low cost notebook, but it looks like Asus is corner-cutting on quality.

  • Donald E. Halley - (No) Check please!

    Funny, but although I don;t write any paper checks any more, I prefer to keep a written record of my electronic debits. The problem is, it's hard to find reasonably priced check registers without buying blank checks! If you are like me, these fill the bill perfectly!

  • Andrea v. Arce V. - This pills actually work!! i love them!

    at first i was a unsure if i should buy this pills, because i've been searching a lot. i have a blood problem and im alergic to calcium for the bones, and didnt know if would affect me, but i tried this one bcuz are NATURAL. I've been taking them for at least 3 months, no side effects work great, my hair has grown so fast in 1 month it growth more than an inch, it didnt before. my nails are so strong, i used to use acrylic nails, bcuz my nails were vrey soft, now i got rid of the acrylics! and love my new natural nails! i thought that i would never find a product that actually will work, but i highly recommend this product is excellent!

  • A. Evans - It works stacked with cell-tech

    I've currently been taking cell-tech, and muscle tech's halo for about a month although I only take one scoop per day of each. I've since gained about 10 pounds that I find weird since I've been on a weird diet of only protein bars, egg-whites and vitamins ( fish oil, omega 3's, multi's. )This stuff work's although expensive it simply works my lifts have gone up and what I mean by up is I use to curl 30-40 pound db and now I do 60-75 for about 5 sets at 10 reps. I'm going to try investing in hydroxycut hardcore to stack with these goodies next and will report back then.