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Canadian Cancer Trials Group - The Canadian Cancer Trials Group is a cooperative oncology group which carries out clinical trials in cancer therapy, supportive care and prevention across Canada and internationally. It is one of the national programmes and networks of the Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute (CCSRI), and is supported by the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).

  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/become-member Become a Member | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Expand All     All centres in Canada providing medical care/consultation to cancer patients are eligible to become Member Centres of the Canadian Cancer Trials Group. If you are interested in becoming a member centre, please contact the Group Administrator’s Office
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/contact-us Contact Us | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - NCIC Clinical Trials Group Cancer Clinical Trials Division Cancer Research Institute Queen's University 10 Stuart Street Kingston, ON K7L 3N6 Phone: (613) 533-6430 Fax: (613) 533-2941 / (613) 533-2411
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/groupe-canadien-des-essais-sur-le-cancer Groupe-canadien-des-essais-sur-le-cancer | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Arrière Mission Créer et réaliser des essais cliniques visant à améliorer le traitement et la prévention du cancer afin de réduire la morbidité et la mortalité causées par cette maladie.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/site-map Site Map | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - About Faculty Researchers Mission Statement History & Globalization Careers Contact Us Clinical Trials Members
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/mission-statement Mission Statement | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - To develop and conduct clinical trials aimed at improving the treatment and prevention of cancer with the ultimate goal of reducing morbidity and mortality from this disease.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/careers Careers | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Canadian Cancer Trials Group Career Opportunities will be posted in this location There are no opportunities at this time.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/clinical-trials Clinical Trials | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - The Canadian Cancer Trials Group provides unique expertise and infrastructure in support of national and international multicentre phase I-III cancer clinical research trials aimed at improving the survival and quality of life of cancer patients across all cancer types. Its scientific agenda, developed by clinical researchers across Canada and beyond, includes trials of new cancer agents, novel radiation and surgical techniques, as well as interventions to improve patient quality of life.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/disease-site-ind-committees Disease Site & IND Committees | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Each disease site committee is composed of representatives from centres participating in NCIC CTG trials whose primary function is to communicate to the Group the attitudes of their centres regarding trial proposals.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/standing-committees Standing Committees | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Clinical Trials Committee, Data Safety Monitoring Committee (DSMC), Quality of Life Committee, Correlative Sciences and Tumour Biology Committee, Committee on Economic Analysis, Lay Representatives, Audit & Monitoring Committee, CRA Executive Committee, CRA Committee,Pharmacists Network, Radiation Oncology Quality Assurance Committee.
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/useful-links Useful Links | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Societies   Society of Clinical Research Associates (SoCRA)   Society for Clinical Trials (SCT)
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/annual-spring-meeting Annual Spring Meeting | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Save the Date 2017 Annual Spring Meeting of Participants April 28 - 30 Chelsea Hotel, Toronto  
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/newinv/new-investigator-clinical-trials-course New Investigator Clinical Trials Course | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Biennial New Investigator Clinical Trials Course Save the Date August 9 - 11, 2017 Donald Gordon Centre Queen’s University Kingston Ontario    
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/fellowships Fellowships | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - NCIC CTG AstraZeneca Clinical Trials Fellowship, NCIC CTG AstraZeneca Breast Cancer Fellowship, NCIC CTG Drug Development Fellowship, Terry Fox Foundation Training Program in Transdisciplinary Cancer Research in Partnership with CIHR
  • https://www.ctg.queensu.ca/public/training Training | Canadian Cancer Trials Group - Training NIH Ethics Training - Protecting Human Research Participants: NIH Office of Extramural Research GCP - Good Clinical Practice

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