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The 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices (CTMD2016) - The 2nd International Congress on Clinical Trials for Medical Devices will focus on the latest developments and upcoming regulations on clinical trials for medical devices in the EU and the US as well as in Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC countries).

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  • Carmel Blue - An invasion of privacy

    Why does Microsoft insist on having you give them an email and phone number before you can download their product. The better to sell me more stuff down the road or to annoy me with unwanted emails and advertising or perhaps to simply track me. Whatever the motive, it's inappropriate.

  • Suzzy - Great Attachment if it fit my BOB

    I was so excited to find this attachment for my BOB here on Amazon, but was so disappointed when I went to install it and it only fits the BOB Revolution SE. Not the older version of the Revolution. So just make sure you have the newer BOB before purchasing this.

  • Brandon Moxley - Great Game!

    This is a great game, as are all games in the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw series! I have put many hours into all of them since the 2007 version!

  • Michael Fiore - Cheers for Charles and Alastair!!!

    First off, I am a great fan of all Charles Dickens works but I'm particularly fond of "A Christmas Carol". I probably own just about every filmed version of this classic that one can obtain. Of all the versions,(and there are many) this one starring Alastair Sim is far and away the best I've ever seen. Sim's performance is incomparable and brilliant! So much so, that it will be difficult to watch the other films after you've seen this one. (That's saying a lot. The one starring George C. Scott was quite good.)

  • eaglesnester9er - so easy to install

    go to You tube and follow the instructional video....so easy to do! Dont bother to read the instruction paper they provide in the box because it is only pictures....so confusing and whoever put that thing together probably is unemployed today. Makes my Unlimited Sport model look like the Oscar Mike, Safari or Rubicon which have this standard. Had it installed within half hour....adds style to fuel cap by adding the door....also protects from mud, sand and snow from collecting inside....must have!

  • Parrothead - Hair volume that goes undetected

    My husband has been using Toppik for years. He has naturally thin hair even though he has quite a bit of it. He uses this product to give volume to his normal hair and so that his scalp isn't as visible. Because it is a powder it goes on easily and evenly. You shouldn't use too much, as it can collect in certain areas. It cleans out of hair easily when washed. If you just want a fuller looking head of hair without the false promises of shampoos and hair transplants, this is a very natural and easy way to get it. I am very anal about hair and when I first met my husband I had no idea he used this product.