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  • newtothegame2012 - A must have for USMLE Step 1 preparation

    This book is a foundation of Step 1 preparation. Its a must buy in my opinion. The book is filled with high yield info, charts, mnemonics, and pictures. The 2012 edition was the first edition to go color but this one seems like a much better because most of the glaring errors have been fixed. A few tips: use this book throughout the school year as you go through your courses and take notes on it. This will help when review time comes. I also took my book to Staples and got it spiral bound, it makes reading and annotating much easier. Good luck everyone.

  • gmredline - I'm sure it has a place somewhere.

    This product is okay but I'm not sure where it should be slotted as a "cleaner/de-greaser". I bought it to clean an old gas grill and followed the instructions for application. It took many applications to get the grill clean. I wish I would have bought something stronger the first time.

  • Cain Cooper - Better for your needs if you are a woman or shopping for a woman.

    Its ok, there are more women's clothes and accessories on here than there are men's. But the deals are still great, even if the men's selection is slim....I mean men's selection is kinda slim in every shop you go to online or in person...ya know, unless its a men's ony store. I uninstalled it though cuz I also have the Geek app that Wish offers and they have all the same stuff and then some.

  • RTHL - I have had nothing but problems with this. It ...

    I have had nothing but problems with this. It keeps shutting my computer down and I lose what I have put in.

  • Arturo Falcones - Fantastic collection! Doesn't get much better than this line ...

    Fantastic collection! Doesn't get much better than this line up. Perfect selections of short stories.

  • Gary R. Orton - Good for the money

    This is my first android product so it took a while to figure it out. The enclosed owners manual is next to worthless. I went online and down loaded a manual for a better android tablet. The capacitive screen is not very sensitive. I have a Kindle reader so I bought this mostly as a toy. After getting comfortable with the Android operating system I enjoy using this tablet. Had no problem downloading apps and books for Amazon and Google. I should admit I am a 65 year old male wannabe geek. For the Money I don't know if you can beat this.