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Urgent Care The Woodlands TX | Walk in Clinic | Quick Care - At Davam Urgent Care you will never need an appointment. Our physicians provide professional thorough and convenient medical urgent care, when a visit to an

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  • http://www.davam.com/physicians-staff/ Meet The Physicians and Staff - Davam Urgent Care - Meet our staff. Our on-site physicians are Dr. Gerald B. Cobb MD who practices family medicine and Dr. Payman Arabzadeh MD who practices internal medicine.
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  • http://www.davam.com/online-check-in/ Davam Online Check In | Davam Urgent Care Woodlands, TX - Davam Urgent Care in The Woodlands TX will be offering online check in starting Wednesday, October 26th. Select an arrival time from of 8am - 9pm.
  • http://www.davam.com/costume-contest-the-woodlands/ Costume Contest in The Woodlands, TX | Davam Urgent Care - Davam Urgent Care in The Woodlands, TX is excited to announce our third annual Halloween event and costume contest. It will take place at Davam from 3pm-8pm
  • http://www.davam.com/cough-treatment-woodlands/ Cough Treatment in The Woodlands, TX | Davam Urgent Care - If you are in need of cough treatment in The Woodlands, TX, visit Davam Urgent Care, with convenient hours of 8am - 9pm, 7 days a week.
  • http://www.davam.com/flu-shots-the-woodlands-tx/ Flu Shots in The Woodlands, TX | Davam Urgent Care - Davam Urgent Care in The Woodlands is offering flu shots for a $25 cash pay price. The flu mist will not be offered this year. Contact us now (281) 583-1980
  • http://www.davam.com/back-pain-the-woodlands-tx/ Back Pain The Woodlands, TX | Davam Urgent Care - At Davam urgent care in the Woodlands TX, we always have a board certified physician as well as a fully certified Radiology Technician to treat back pain.
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  • http://www.davam.com/after-hours-x-rays-in-the-woodlands/ After Hours X-Rays in The Woodlands | Davam Urgent Care - If you are in need of an after-hours x-ray, visit Davam Urgent Care in The Woodlands. Our clinic is equipped with a digital x-ray machine. Visit us now!

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  • Deborah L Weltin - If you use it on dry/hard nails it is pretty much ineffective

    It's not at all what I expected. The fact that you have to soak you nails first should be stated in their advertising. You don't find that out until you get it. If you use it on dry/hard nails it is pretty much ineffective.

  • tjrsasea - Improvements over the 6S!!

    The iPhone 7 offers some incremental upgrades over the 6S. Here are some of the things improved upon and the things to take note.

  • RobinTrumpeter - A Horrible Program

    I bought this program after using a card program for several years. With my old program I could design posters, customize cards, make pretty much what ever I wanted. It was easy to use and figure out how to customize and make things the way you wanted them to be. I consider myself fairly computer literate, but this program is very difficult to use. The only thing I can do with it is use their "cookie cutter" cards. The program is not very easy to use. For example...I am trying to make a calendar for the month. The only templates they have have no grid and no easy way to make my own grid to make each day have it's own square. I go to their premade examples and the ready made calendars look like they have grids on them until you click on them to use them, then they look completely different and have no lines. This is just one example of the frustrating problems I have found with this program.

  • Blue_Fender - Versitle program

    I got this to see if I could design a house for my wife and me. It has descent tutorial videos online. I like how I can print full house plans after finishing.

  • A. Richards - Fastest wine chiller we've seen

    We are purchasing our second Cooper Cooler. The last one we basically just wore out with heavy use over a few years. The need to add ice (a minor inconvenience) is better than waiting 30 minutes for a chilled glass of wine at the end of the day. We were given one of the Waring chillers that is a self-refrigerated type and it takes a long time to chill (although it is fine to keep wine at temperature near the dining table). But for a cold beer quickly, or to chill wine in 6 minutes (it really does!) this is the best and quickest. When we got our first Cooper Cooler, we were afraid we would "blow up" carbonated beverages with the spinner. No problem, spinning seems to work fine with no fizzy consequences. Even works for champagne if the bottle is small enough. Some are a little big.

  • Jeremy Lynnes - Works great at keeping your wine for longer

    I've been really impressed with the Vacu Vin. Generally we don't finish our bottles of red wine and with a normal stopper the wine still oxygenates and gets vinegary after a day or two. I was really surprised to be be able to enjoy a bottle of red about 4 days after uncorking and really not taste much of a difference. I'd definitely recommend this to other wine drinkers.

  • Ronnievee - The bomb.com

    She never seen to amaze me..everybody that she write is great I could truly said that she is my favorite author..this book was great just like all the rest miss Nicole never disappoint me..great job as always❤️❤️