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Debiotech - <div style="text-align: justify;"><span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size: small;">Your Partner for thedevelopment of highly innovative medical devices for therapeutic and diagnosticpurposes : Disposable programmable micropumps, minuaturised infusion pumps,contrast media injectors, drug reconstitution devices, cycler for peritonealdialysis, flow regulators, nano delivery systems..."</span></span></div>

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  • Sweet Pea - Excellent Doll

    I was extremely happy with this purchase. Great packaging and quick shipping. A great gift for my daughter. I look forward to purchasing more gifts in the future.

  • Madeline Spencer - Great Organizer

    I'm in nursing school and these helped me to pass my most recent test. I was one of the few who passed the semester.

  • Marketing Maven - Great cookware

    I love my Le Creuset, I just made Thai Seafood and Lemongrass Rice. YUM! The only reason this product is not a 5 is that it is too hard to keep clean.

  • L. Davis - Love Alter Ego, Energizing Shampoo....not so much

    I gave the Alter Ego set 4 stars because while I love the conditioner and the drops, the shampoo did not give me great results as I'd hoped for. The shampoo was very drying to my hair. I am a long time user and fan of the Alter Ego line of products and I use the garlic conditioner and drops on a regular basis. I will probably always use those 2 products because they are staples in my hair care regiment. The shampoo is not an item I will use again once I finish this bottle.

  • Sebastian Dangerfield - wars and battles, bound to lose a few

    A pretty good read, story was similar to many, although unique enough to be interesting. I'd recommend.

  • Karl May - A Boring Day in Philadelphia with much killing

    Again, this is terrible (just bought and read it). This not how W.E.B. Griffin used to be! The beginning of this series about the Philadelphia Police was pretty good - but now? It is just building on the old fame (thirty years ago)... Boring, boring, boring! I strongly recommend against buying this or any other W.E.B. Griffin / William Butterworth books until, perhaps under reader pressure, they return to the old quality...

  • Ms. Erin B. Crilly - HUGE improvement over lesser brands!

    I asked lots of people about boys bikes before settling on this one. My boys (age 4 and 5) were coming from 12" bikes by Huffy and Kawasaki. Both of those had issues, primarily the lack of torque on the pedals. The older kid kept pushing so hard on the pedals (mostly from pedaling while standing) that the chain came off. EVERY DAY. This one is much better constructed and the mechanics a better fit. The boys both love it (I've got a 20" on order for the older kid, who is almost six and TALL). The training wheels are good quality, and the frame is a tad lighter than lesser brands. As for assembly - it's more of an intuitive process than follow the generic 50 page instruction book. Even my tech-saavy husband messed up: he put the front fork on backward, and was happy with it until I showed him a picture showing otherwise. Just be patient with it - or take it to a bike shop. I really like how low the seat adjusts on this bike - the four year old is just over 40" tall - but the seat on the lowest setting is just right for him. (The five year old is 48" and I wouldn't keep him on a bike this size for too much longer - he looks gangly on it).