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Deepwater Horizon - The Economic & Property Damages Settlement resolves certain economic loss and property damage claims related to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. If you are included in this Settlement, you could receive money if you were harmed by the oil spill in one or more of the following categories: Seafood Compensation Program, Individual Economic Loss, Individual Periodic Vendor or Festival Vendor Economic Loss, Business Economic Loss, Start-up Business Economic Loss, Failed Business Economic Loss, Coastal Real Property, Wetlands Real Property, Real Property Sales, Subsistence, VoO Charter Payment, Vessel Physical Damage

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  • Legal Lady BIC Pen Lover - At long last, the perfect pen for femal legal style!

    As a woman and a trial lawyer, I have been at a loss for many years as to how to pave a name for myself as a successful litigator. The practice of law, particularly complex litigation, has been and in many places in the United States continues to be a profession dominated by men. But that stereotype is changing as more women enter the the legal professional workforce. I am proud to know that BIC has been instrumental in the introduction of feminine senisitivities to the practice of law.

  • Warren Holzem - Good Coverage of the Basics

    Are you already fairly familiar with Microsoft Office? If so, you may have to hunt a bit to find something you don't already know in this book. From my perspective, it spends a lot of time explaining a lot of things that I learned fifteen years ago, albeit specifically relating them to the latest version of Office.

  • Amber Anastasio - Axe Naturals Leaky Gut Repair

    This is a good product. Since I have an auto-immune disease and deal with leaky gut this product seems to help out.

  • Francesco - Not tested on Animals

    It leaves my under eyes area very soft and comfortable before sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't really help my dark circles but the skin feels more energetic and with more tone.

  • Mike - Office 2010 is a better product

    I have been using Office Professional 2007 at work for years, and I bought Office 2010 for home use when it first came out. I can tell you that Office 2010 is a very worthwhile upgrade from 2007, and compatibility between those two products is decent. I recently purchased Office 2013 for work and I already regret it. If I could make the choice again, I would get Office 2010. Right now in February 13', Office 2010 is the best, most robust version of Office m$ has ever produced. There is almost no major reason to get 2013 and I can think of several, two just today, that are reasons NOT to. Access 2013 doesn't do the data collection via form from Outlook like 2010 does and they replaced that feature with " ", yep nothing, just gone. The entire "Collect Data" group is simply gone. How do they charge a higher price when they remove features? Today when I composed an email for my boss in Outlook 2013 and spent some time with spacing and formatting to make it look just like I wanted it to look, then sent it off. When I opened it in my 'sent items' folder to take a last look, I was pretty p%**ed to see a message at the top of my email saying "Outlook 2013 removed unnecessary lines from this message" which left my email looking pretty crappy. What an utterly useless "feature". That can be disabled in options but can mess up a plain text email for you if you forget to turn it off - same goes for Outlook 2010. If you are using Office 2007 or an older version, then an upgrade to office 2010 would be a worthwhile experience. I think I am finished with m$ Office products as of my 2010 version and will have to do something far different in the future. My advice - stay away from Office 2013. Access 2013 seems to be a product without a development team any more. They should have called it Office-Bob or Bob II, or Office-Me III, and Outlook should have been called Outhouse AFAIAC and that would have been more accurate. Bad product IMHO. I do not recommend this product.

  • My $.02 - Misleading - Not necessarily backward compatible

    The software tells you to go to SHOP for new songs. Apparently, I can't only find african American artists for original RockSmith. I undertood that RS 14 was backwrd compatible, yet when I try to purchase the songs, I'm told that I can't because I don't have the iroginal RS. Seaching the web about the issue (because RS an Stream don't give ny information on this) I find tht even if I purchase RS, I still can't get the songs to work with RS14. OK - that sucks. I want BB king and the like but it's not available for RS14. And NO Black artists -- SERIOUSLY??!!