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  • http://www.denvertriallawyers.com/premises-liability/ Denver Premises Liability Attorney | Denver Trial Lawyers - Injured due to unsafe premises? Speak with a Denver premises liability lawyer for representation backed by 175+ years of experience. Free evaluations!
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    First I did the starter kit..only liked the sub D and the lifting lotion not the face wash or cold plasma so much...funny smell. Bui then by buying that you become a member and they send you a 2 oz jar of Sub D and I thought it would be a 3 oz..not but they also send the firming lotion which I can take or leave..don't see any improvement using that for past three months. Just too expensive...I canceled the membership. Don't want to pay nearly $50 a mo. for three mo. of cream. Not going to purchase when i'm finished with this jar (last along time for me) and try something else. I'd say I saw about a 30% difference in firmness of my neck with is pretty good for my age. But as time goes by and I'm on my second 2oz jar I see less improvement.....maybe I need to use it more then once or twice a day? When I have time I'll use my Tanda for about 6 min. on neck and jaw area and then apply Sub D...see diff after a few days of being consistant.

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    I would recommend this product to anyone who has a problem with over eating or the unnecessary snacking a lot. It says you can take it up to three times a day (2 pills 30 mins before a meal). I only take it once a day, normally when I get home from work in the afternoon because that's when I snack the most. It does not allow you to over eat and makes you feel fuller longer. I have noticed a change in myself, my clothes are all starting to fit better and others have noticed as well. I have only been using this product for 3 weeks and I love it. I have introduced this product to my mom, grandmother and my manager at work!!

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