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  • Sarah B - Hooray!

    I can't believe I waited so long to try scotch guard. In the future when I purchase fabric items, they will be scotch-guarded immediately. I love this!

  • J. Paddington - This stuff works.

    The majority of "oxygen" products on the market aren't... well, legit. However, there's a few that work - ozone, mms, and cellfood. People that are in good health may not experience any discernible benefits. I also don't know about the "athletic-performance" claims. I do know that yeast/fungus/bacterial issues are what cellfood deals with beautifully. If you fall into this category, you have to try it. The results were astonishing.

  • CallMeCrazy - Did what it said it would do.

    I don't know how, but this really works for me. I have a pretty ample booty, but at the bottom I have those cellulite type dimples. I didn't expect anything to happen in three weeks, but I was putting it in pretty religiously twice sometimes three times per day. I took a look in the mirror and all those ugly little dimples were GONE. I was floored. Now I can wear short shorts again, and not worry if they ride up a bit.

  • Susie - Women are not this stupid!

    I found the main character very aggravating! I believe she was an intelligent woman, but completely oblivious to problems with her husband & marriage. Neither were high on her list, but when her husband cheats (what did she expect?She didn't include him in daily life!) She goes ballistic! Then her response was even more ridiculous! I do not think this character was believable! From the beginning I could see where it was going & how it would end the middle was painful! Not at all complicated. Nothing hidden. Not entertainng!

  • Tony Crown - 100% No for me!!

    It's a no for me! Not as strong as advertised, I'm still nursing my injury from the whole weights and the device collapsing on me.

  • Sheila Elrod - Does the job

    Was looking for a work-out bag that would hold a laptop. While this one 'does the job', I would like for this and other manufacturers think about various use cases more. There just aren't a lot of choices.