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  • Jessica D. Rocha - okay i guess

    umm this wasnt exactly what i needed. its basically just a directry of the medical schools in the country. i wanted more information on requirements to get into the school. all of the info on this book is available for free on the schools website

  • Good shopper - It's a winner

    This book is a winner. I love the stories in it. They inspired me to sleep grounded and I have had sounder and deeper sleep ever since. I also experienced a surprising reduction in pain in my foot after surgery and faster healing. My sense of smell vastly improved and I wasn't even aware it was deficient.

  • mbryan777 - Restored Battery from Junk to New Condition

    My battery was ready for the place where batteries go when they die. Like one of the other reviewers, I have a rear wheel drive muscle car in the mid-west that is not driven more than once a month and not at all during periods of ice and snow. The car also has a slight current draw that has taken the battery down into the 1-3 volt range multiple times.

  • Cacoder - Great workbook.

    Carol Buck is a great teacher and anything she touches will help you. She is such a great teacher and it shows in her workbooks, her step by step manual, or her version of the ICD codes.

  • T. Poon - Makes great internal underwater camera housing parts.

    I've successfully used Sugru to build replacement parts for internal components in my underwater camera housing. It was much easier than trying to track down one obscure little piece of rubber, and with a single package, I was able to build half a dozen extras. The excess putty gets turned into little animal sculptures. I only wish that Sugru wouldn't go bad, as I bought a couple packs to have on hand only to find that, indeed, their expiration dates do matter. It hardens and loses its moldable quality in the package even at normal room temperatures. From now on, I'll purchase them only for immediate use.