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  • Jessica Sotelo (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads) - What a dark, delicious read from CD Reiss.

    What a dark, delicious read from CD Reiss. I was pulled right into this complex story, to these magnetic, infuriating characters, to this broken marriage I prayed could be saved. I was consumed. This story is so sexy, so emotionally raw, so heavy. I could not put it down.

  • Shannon Hellstern - Cheap Pillow

    This didn't hold its shape for long, at all. Very disappointed in the quality. It is very flat only after a month of use.

  • Aly B - I haven't laughed this hard in a LONG time

    I took this on vacation with 12 people. I knew everyone but not all of my friends knew each other. After a few days of us all getting to know each other I broke this out during happy hour in the pool. ( I didn't want to dive right into this given the NSFW rating) We played as a big group instead of on teams and it was blast. We all laughed so hard, we were drooling and crossing our legs so as not to pee in the pool. (Or EE in te OOL if you were playing the game) . Some cards were easy while others were much more difficult. Some phrases were a little "dicey" but as long as everyone is friends, it's all good. If you play with people that you don't know well, with people who are easily offended by 'potty language' or with children then you definitely want the Family Version. The more B, F, M, P, Vs there were, the harder the phrases were to say. Can't wait to play again. NOTE: adding a bit of alcohol to the players makes for a much more entertaining game.

  • jimbo - Well built, quality safe

    Let me start by saying this safe also fits the 2014 Tacoma. Easy installation, took 10 minutes. No rattles or knocks. You will loose a little space, but its almost negligible. Great service by the provider (Pickup Specialties). Ordered the 4-digit combo lock; like it but wish they had dial/combination lock for more combo options. This will do the trick to protect items from theft... no way a thief is getting with anything less than hours of time or a welder.

  • Michael Dawson - It's like the Simon Scarrow

    This is splendid book. Roman (ish) legions, magic, battle scenes, a grim bastard as the lead character... It's like the Simon Scarrow, Cato and Macro books before they jumped the shark....