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IVF, Egg donation, Sperm donation, Embryo donation and Gender Selection - Dogus ivf in Cyprus is a modern infertility and IVF centre - ivf in cyprus, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, Gender Selection, IVF Treatments

  • http://www.dogusivfcentre.com/gender-selection/ How accurate is PGD for gender selection? - In North Cyprus, pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) for gender selection is completely legal and anyone can choose to select the sex of their child.
  • http://www.dogusivfcentre.com/ivf-success-rates/ IVF Success Rates in Cyprus - Dr. Firdevs' ivf success rates are almost three times better than the UK national average!

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  • Matt - Big fluffy cozy pillow with some give.

    Pillow came exactly packages as shown. I took the pillow out and gave it some time to expand and breathe while finally putting into the drier on low for about 20 minutes to further 'fluff out'. Pillow was full and fluffy with a firm but moldable shape. I threw a pillow case on it and used it for a nights sleep. The pilot contoured around my head and had just enough 'give' but was ultimately a little to fluffy for my personal taste. I found myself having to rotate the pillow around to get it to set just right. This is due mostly to a herniated disk in my cervical spine. Although all in all a very, very comfortable pillow. I received this pillow at a reduced rate in exchange for my honest review. My thoughts that I share are my own. All in all if you are looking for a nice fluffy pillow with a bit of give this is a terrific buy!

  • Bill R. - Fantastic product and company

    Great product and well-made. Use it on my iPhone 6. Customer Service is beyond fantastic. I messed up my first screen (2 screens to a pack) and contacted the company to see if it could be re-used. They sent me a whole new pack. You know this is a quality product and a customer-focused company, when this is how they treat their customers. They value their customers! Thank you for a great product and great customer service.

  • Chloe - I like it, but the battery died after I only ...

    I like it, but the battery died after I only used it for two times. :( Their service is nice, they tried to send me a new light, but I got a filling instead. They said they gonna send me another one, but I haven't got the one yet. So I will just go try other brands which last longer.

  • brian de alwis - Not perfect for the Cruz

    We purchased the tray for a Cruz. I'd give the tray itself a 5/5, but the Cruz adapters drag it down to a 3/5. We initially put the adapters above the seat mount point but, as other reviews pointed out, this leaves the tray too high except for big kids. Putting the Cruz adapters below the seat mount point, such that the release buttons are facing upwards, is much better though the tray now sits fairly far out. But we're pleased otherwise.

  • danyelle lam - Warning!! Software download feature EXPIRES!

    Avoid this product unless want to pay Quicken/Intuit for life. Quicken will force you to “upgrade” your software by shutting off internet and file downloads. At that point the software will essentially become useless.