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Dog Health | Dog Illnesses and Symptoms - We focus on dog health and dog care. You can find up-to-date information on dog diseases, their symptoms, and available conventional and, where applicable, alternative treatments. Be an informed dog parent and safeguard your dog's health.

  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/common-dog-allergies.html Common Dog Allergies | Dog Allergies Symptoms - Common dog allergies include canine atopy, dog food allergies, dog flea allergies, and contact dermatitis. Canine allergies can cause a lot of itching and discomfort to dogs. Learn more about different allergies in dogs, the symptoms, and various treatment options available.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/osteoarthritis-in-dogs.html Osteoarthritis in Dogs | Dog Joint Pain | Canine Arthritis Treatment - Osteoarthritis in dogs is a common degenerative joint disease. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of canine osteoarthritis here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-dental-problems.html Canine Dental Problems | Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment - Canine dental problems include such periodontal disease as gingivitis and periodontitis. Get detailed information on the symptoms, causes, and treatment of dog dental problems here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-ear-problems.html Common Dog Ear Problems - Learn more about common dog ear problems such as dog ear infections and dog ear mites. Also learn how to apply ear medicines to dog ears.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-eye-problems.html Dog Eye Problems | Dog Eye Care - There are quite a few dog eye problems, some if left untreated can lead to sight impairment or blindness. Learn more about some common eye problems in dogs, including the symptoms of eye problems and how to examine a dog's eyes.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-liver-problems.html Canine Liver Problems | Liver Disease in Dogs - Canine liver problems, such as liver failure and liver cancer, are rather common in dogs. Get up-to-date information on the symptoms, possible causes, and treatment of liver problems in dogs here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-itching.html Canine Itching Caused by Skin Disorders | Dog Skin Irritation - Canine itching can cause a lot of agony and discomfort in dogs. Learn more about some dog skin disorders that cause itchy dog skin and skin irritation here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-stomach-problems.html Dog Stomach Problems | Dog Digestive Problems - Common dog stomach problems include ulcers, gastritis, and bloat. Learn more about the symptoms, causes and treatment of dog stomach problems here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-urinary-problems.html Dog Urinary Problems | Symptoms of Canine Urinary Tract Disease - Dog urinary problems include disorders in the bladder, urinary tract, and kidney. Learn more about the common urinary problems in dogs, and the signs and symptoms of such problems here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/flea-lifecycle.html Dog Flea Lifecycle | Canine Flea Control - Understanding dog flea lifecycle is important in canine flea control. Learn more about fleas and flea cycle here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-heartworm-symptoms.html Canine Heartworm Symptoms - Canine heartworm symptoms include coughing, exercise intolerance, and in later stages panting and breathing difficulty. Get up-to-date information on dog heartworm symptoms and diagnosis here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dogs-and-ticks.html Dogs and Ticks | Tick Borne Diseases in Dogs - Dogs and ticks seem to be inseparable. Ticks attach to dogs for their blood and, while having a blood feast, ticks can transmit diseases to the dogs through the ticks' saliva. Learn more about the life cycle of ticks, some common tick-borne diseases, and dog tick prevention here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/types-of-dog-worms.html Types of Dog Worms | Canine Parasites - There are different types of dog worms, such as roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, heartworms, and whipworms. Learn more about the different types, symptoms and treatment of canine worms here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/types-of-dog-cancer.html Different Types of Dog Cancer - Learn about different types of dog cancer, causes of cancer in dogs, and dog breeds predisposed to various types of cancer in dogs.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/symptoms-of-cancer-in-dogs.html Symptoms of Cancer in Dogs | Warning Signs and Symptoms of Canine Cancer - Symptoms of cancer in dogs can be indistinct and varied. Familiarizing yourself with different possible canine cancer symptoms may help you identify the problem at its earlier stage.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-cancer-treatment.html Dog Cancer Treatment | Possible Side Effects of Conventional Cancer Treatment for Dogs - Learn more about conventional dog cancer treatment, which includes surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, as well as the possible side effects which may arise from these cancer treatment options for dogs.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/cancer-treatment-for-dog.html Complementary Cancer Treatment for Dog Patients | Natural Supplements for Canine Cancer - Get current information on complementary cancer treatment for dog patients here. It discusses how to use supplements to help dog cancer treatment and prevention.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-cancer-diet.html Canine Cancer Diet | Suitable Diet For Dogs with Cancer - An appropriate canine cancer diet is extremely important for dog cancer patients. A suitable diet for dogs with cancer should be rich in fatty acids, enzymes, and densely nutritious foods.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/puppy-health-concerns.html Puppy Health Concerns | Common Puppy Illnesses - Learn about puppy health concerns such as puppy diarrhea, vomiting, and constipation, and common puppy illnesses such as puppy worms, puppy kennel cough, puppy mange, and more.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/puppy-teething-pain.html Relieve Puppy Teething Pain | Dog Teething - Relieve puppy teething pain by home remedies and puppy teething toys. Also learn more about puppy teeth, dog teething, and how to take care of your puppy's teeth here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/stop-puppy-biting.html Stop Puppy Biting | Bite Inhibition - This page looks at how to stop puppy biting and train the puppy to develop bite inhibition.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/separation-anxiety-in-puppies.html Separation Anxiety in Puppies | Dog Separation Anxiety - Separation anxiety in puppies is a behavioral problem, usually brought on by a change in the environment although sometimes some health problems can also cause a puppy or dog to develop separation anxiety. This problem can be improved through training and management.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/dog-vaccination-schedule.html Dog Vaccination Schedule | Puppy Vaccinations and Vaccines - Learn about puppy and dog vaccination schedule, types of puppy vaccines, core and noncore vaccines, and the pros and cons of dog vaccinations here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/aging-dog-care.html Aging Dog Care | Senior Dog Health - Aging dog care is important to ensure the wellbeing and good quality of life for older dogs. Regular health and dental checkup and weight control are among some of the essentials when caring for aging dogs.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/senior-dog-health.html Senior Dog Health | Older Dog Health Problems - Maintaining senior dog health is essential in providing good quality of life for aging dogs. Learn about some common older dog health problems and their symptoms here.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/canine-euthanasia.html Canine Euthanasia | Putting a Dog to Sleep - Canine euthanasia - putting your dog to sleep - is a personal and often difficult decision which unfortunately many dog parents have to make at some point. This page looks at some frequently asked questions concerning dog euthanasia.
  • http://www.dogzhealth.com/sick-dog-symptoms.html Sick Dog Symptoms | Dog Illness Signs Symptoms - Sick dog symptoms such as dog fever, appetite loss, diarrhea and vomiting, and the possible causes of such signs and symptoms are important to know. Learn more about common dog illness signs symptoms here.

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